I pit Ron DiCianni and the Christian Bookstore at Harford Mall

This painting is on prominent display in the window of a Christian bookstore right next to a prominent exit at my local mall. It ruins my drive home every time I see it as I leave. It makes NO FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER. It’s pure rah-rah wear-your-patriotism-on-your-sleeve bullshit with no substance and no true merit. It’s a velvet Elvis. It’s offensive to think that Washington or Lincoln would want anything to do with an administration that trivializes and makes light of war, waging battle on the offense instead of as a defensive last resort, and that would wish to spit upon the civil rights of a significant percentage of the population.

At least it could be worse. Without paying any significant attention to the offending piece, I thought the ghosts over Dubya’s shoulders were Lincoln and either the Virgin Mary or Mother Teresa. Though it’s small consolation, I’m still glad I’m wrong.

That’s got to be one of the cheesiest works of “art” I’ve ever seen. I bet they’re selling like fucking hotcakes, too.

Never before has the SDMB been in such dire need of a <barf> smiley.

So, that’s being marketed toward the extreme left, correct?

Isn’t that from the same series that shows the presidents sitting around a table playing poker?

So what’s the problem? Dubya has finally been led to repent of the evil that he has wreaked over the last four years, and Lincoln and Washington are praying that he might find true repentance and amendment of life. Cool idea!

::: listens to wife whispering ::::

Oh! Nevermind…


And he’s Praying for Peace! Now I’ve never been one to jump on the Dubya is an idiot bandwagon but isn’t that kind of like dumping a bunch of cobras in the kitchen and then praying for mongooses?

I wonder if the artist had any clue that Lincoln wasn’t a Christian.


I knew my OP was missing something crucial. That is indeed the title, and truly cringeworthy.

I second the need for a barf smiley.

Thomas Kinkaid is now second on my “Artist’s Whose Career I’d Like To See End In A Scandal Involving a Video Camera, a Bull, and Crisco” list.

Man, I knew from the OP that it was going to be bad, but I didn’t know I was going to do a spit take at the monitor. I very nearly peed my pants. I mean, yeah, it’s bad and awful and sad and barfy, but good lord is it hilarious!

If there was a way to get one without supporting this dumbassery but not stealing, I’d totally hang it on my bathroom wall. Only, above the toilet, so I wouldn’t have to look at it but my gentleman callers would. :slight_smile:

The really ironic thing is that both Washington and Lincoln were pretty much atheists.

I’m curious about this - got a cite?

You gotta love the title of this one:
Liberty’s Silent Scream

Personally, I’m screaming out loud at this one.

My husband just looked over my shoulder at the screen and said “zombie presidents!” My thoughts ran along more Dickensian lines. Where’s the ghost of Christmas present?

There’s a lot of info here.

Yes, it is most assuredly the former. But when you compare it to a velvet Elvis, you are maligning my dear departed ma’s idea of what went well with the couch and davenport. Ma, you see, had. . .well. . .peculiar ideas of what went well where.

Seriously, though, it’s bad. But not nearly so bad as Liberty’s Silent Scream.

It’s missing a few icons. It needs Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, the Empire State Building, baseball, mom, apple pie and chevrolet.

I wonder if they have a version with a sound chip so it will play the National Anthem. Now that would be a work of art!

I’m thinking Star Wars. Now, where’s the shortest President to be Yoda?

Washington was a freethinking Anglican. He was reticent about his beliefs, and what he did say appears to point in different directions, depending on what is quoted. But he was an irregular attender and a vestry member, though apparently not a communicant, of the Episcopal parish church serving Mount Vernon before and after his presidency.