I pit anyone that would hang this painting in their house.


Looks like a quarter of the Apocalypse, to me…and maybe someone should tell the artist that Bin Laden’s still at large…

Scary enough, but I know tons of yahoos who’d die to have a copy of that vile print in their home.


Make em on black and purple velvet! But have him ridin’ a white tiger on the purple one!

That is so wrong on so many levels. Yuk.

The iconography (horse, flag, severed head) all seem rather unoriginal. How exactly is LoBaido a “creative” patriot?

What is it with Dubya and Osama’s head these days?

Why does Bush have blue hair? And why is he dressed like Lucius Malfoy?

Interestingly, the only other works of his I can find online are a Dali pastiche, and a site-specific item in Staten Island. He’s got the ability to create interesting pieces, so why the hell has he resorted to an artistically-repressed, politically-ignorant, religiously-insensitive piece to demonstrate his ‘patriotism’?

I’m envisioning him in a lavender leisure suit, shirt open *allll * the way down with a thick gold chain around his wiggly little neck.

Yay, another conservative artist! I thought I was the only one.

But would I have that painting in my home? No way, hosey!

He claims to not be taken seriously by other artists because they are mostly liberal.

Maybe they don’t take him seriously because he sucks! Next thing you know he’ll be blaming Kerry, or Clinton, or that damn liberal media!

I hate to say this, what with Godwin’s Law and all that, but his skill and technique are eerily reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s.

Not really - Hitler went in for watercolour landscapes. Many of them featured buildings drawn in a meticulous, straight-line draftsperson style, reflecting, according to Speer, Hitler’s early aspiration to be an architect. Here are some examples.

Well, seems he has studied the classics

Damn - that link was taken via Google, and is actually a link to the website of notorious Holocaust-denier, David Irving. In no way do I support him or his bullshit theories. Sorry about that, folks.

Is it possible the artist is being satirical, both in his painting and his statements? If so, he’s probably whooshing a lot of folks. If not, it’s awefully trite propaganda.

I think there’s a movie in here, somewhere. Is it just me, or does it look like GWB, the Supreme Court justice? It is one ugly painting, although it might be kind of cool with a black light effect or in 3D. Could sell a bunch of copies at Spencer’s.

I agree—it is reminiscent in its mediocrity.

Hitler did do some portrait work, and it was obvious that he just didn’t have a feel for it. Portrait work is generally considered far more difficult than landscapes or buildings so I think he tended to stick with those subjects.

Just so it’s clear—I don’t particularly have a problem with the notion of Bin Laden’s head being slung around by whoever. I just don’t want to see a cheesy painting depicting it.

Now, perhaps I’m being unfair in declairing that this guy is a bad artist. Perhaps some of his other work is better. But I’m just not seeing much in this one.

It’s Pubbie Porn.