I pit skunks

Because why not?

I can’t sleep- my room smells too bad.
I can’t eat- the kitchen smells too bad.
I can’t think think- the smell is driving me nuts.

So all I can do is hunker down in the room furthest from the outside, and complain about skunks.

The summer before last there was a skunk under my deck. I didn’t know if it was just one, a family, or what. I thought it might be firing off warning shots, because I only smelled it strongly when I approached a certain spot. Animal control referred me to a trapper. After 3 weeks or so I had trapped a rabbit, and a young possum. I called the trapper to find out how to release the rabbit and reset the trap. When I called about the possum, she told me that after this long I must be dealing with a skunk that crawled under the deck to die.
We pulled a few boards of skirting from the side of the deck in the suspected spot, and there was the dead skunk. It had somehow dug under a horizontal base type 2 x 4. There was no simple way to pick up the skunk. Short of tearing down the deck, we settled on her tearing apart the dead skunk. I removed myself from the area while she chopped it in half with a spade shovel. Prior to that, I believed that I knew what a skunk smelled like. This smell was so strong and concentrated that I can’t even properly describe it. Thankfully the wind was blowing briskly that day. I told a neighbor 2 houses away that we got the skunk, and he already knew. He told me that he had to close all of his windows, so he knew.

Did a skunk get in your house and stink it up? Does the super sonic stench permeate the walls? I guess I’m just wondering why closing the window doesn’t take care of it.

There’s a dead skunk and it’s right under the porch.
There’s a dead skunk and it’s right under the porch.
There’s a dead skunk and it’s right under the porch,
Stinkin’ to high heaven.

There’s a bit of an animal highway right next to my house- it’s a space between my driveway slab and the neighbor’s fence, which allows small animals to move between my street and the field behind us. We can always tell when a skunk goes through, because we can smell it in the house.

Like we did, yesterday. It’s amazing how well the odor can penetrate into a house without windows being open.

I like skunk-smell.

No idea why, it seems to be perversely linked to positive emotions in me. :dubious:

I would have greatly preferred a dead toad frog!

It sure does. One time one of them must have skunked off in my backyard. It was the middle of the night in winter so the whole house was closed and the stench was still bad enough to wake us up and none of us could get back to sleep it was so bad. At work my coworkers could smell skunk on me because it permeated my coat. We had to shampoo the carpets because the stink lingered, and used tons of Febreeze on the furniture and stuff.

It’s not just a bad smell. It’s like a force of nature or something. :mad:

I kind of like to smell just a whiff of it in the distance on summer nights.

But not a full on skunk bomb in the backyard!

The skunks near my house come out of the sewer grates and lie in wait under cars for passers by. I have been skunked.

Most homes are hardly airtight even in the most “locked up” of conditions, so skunk smells will permeate.

We have skunks all over San Antonio - I don’t mind them, they’re just doing their thing. I even caught one once in a trap and had to transport the thing away from my house so I could release it - as I was able to do it without the animal spraying, it was obviously one of the great achievements of my life.

Same here. We don’t have skunks here (that I know of) so maybe I’m misremembering the smell, but in my mind’s noseit’s a not unpleasant detail from my childhood. Plus, they’re cute little things.

I endorse this pitting. My dog got a facefull of skunk spray while playing in the back yard one night. I had to wash the dog with a garden hose and a whole bottle of shampoo just to get her to the point where she wasn’t madly clawing at her own face. I had to wear a scarf around my face to do this without literally throwing up from the stench, so it must have been worse for her. She then had to spend a week in the garage getting a daily skunk remover bath before the smell came away enough to let her back in the house.

We still catch a whiff of the bastards up on the hill behind the house after dark at least once a week. The dogs don’t go out once the sun goes down without me or my wife out there with them ever since.

Windows were closed. All of them.

My front yard, side yard, and a bit of my backyard seem to be more or less clean. But the stench hits as soon as I get within a few feet of the back door. I think Ground Zero might have been the porch, although I really hope not. :frowning:

I’ve opened the openable windows that face the non-stinky side. Unfortunately, most of the windows- and my bedroom- are towards the back.

My brother says he can’t smell anything and has no idea what I’m talking about. I hate him.

When I was growing up we lived next to a highway. One time a skunk got killed on the road, about two houses down. The wind carried the awful stench right to our place. It was so bad my dad put a shovel in the car and drove out to where the body was, dug a hole, and buried it.

We had a dog lighty sprayed one time, on his back end. After many, many baths and burning the towels and dog bed. We thought we were through the worst of it. Everything we owned smelled of skunk. Lots of lysol and air fresheners ( this was before Febreze). We burned candles and incense. 3 years later (not kidding) we went on Vacation. Came home after 8 days and opened the door, the skunk smell nearly knocked us down. We had just gotten used to the smell. It was very disappointing.
ETA we may still smell of skunk, for all I know.

1975 and my brother is 9. He and his friend catch a skunk in a paper grocery bag. Jimbo tells brother that you can keep a descented skunk as a pet. They just cut out the stink gland in the skunk’s anus. So brother goes inside to get a butter knife out of the kitchen. Mother steps outside to see why and manages to prevent the insertion of her flatware into the skunk, but not the massive and upclose spraying both boys got.

1981 parents and brother have moved out to my grandparents’ farm. Brother now has proper pet: a dog. Dog is dumb as a rock. A skunk appears and sprays the dog. Mom washes dog. Rinse and repeat until one day father shoots skunk and buries it. Dog misses playdate and digs up skunk. Brother made to rebury. This goes on for a couple of days until Mom decides to deal with dead skunk like the rest of the garbage on the farm: burn it.

A funeral pyre for a 3 days dead skunk is no joke.

Barry never struck me as the smartest Bee Gee. :wink:

That fire must have smelled awful.

:eek: Nothing like sharing the stink with the whole neighborhood!

One of my aunt’s dogs got skunked once. They tried washing him with tomato juice but he was mostly white and it stained his fur pink. And it didn’t get rid of the smell either.

Yeah, what you have to do is:

  1. Don’t let the dog in the house
  2. Shave the fucker

Easiest and best way to rid your dog of as much skunk odor as possible is cut its hair.