I pit the Anti-Defamation League

A little late, I guess. Yesterday, on local news radio, I heard a snippet about ADL’s regional director being reinstated after being fired for acknowledging that the Armenian genocide was, in fact, a genocide. The premise of the story (that the ADL would fire this guy in the first place) seemed unbelievable. But sure enough, a couple of weeks ago, Andrew Tarsy had the gall to call the Armenian genocide a genocide. The ADL, because it doesn’t want to offend Turkish sensibilities, fires his ass.

Okay, Abraham Foxman finally reinstated Tarsy. But under pressure, and he still won’t support having Congress officially declare the killings genocide.

So, a hearty fuck you to Abraham Foxman and the ADL. Given that one of the stated goals of the ADL is to increase awareness of the Holocaust, you would think they would be sensitive to issues concerning genocide. After all, if some public figure refused to call the Holocaust genocide because they didn’t want to piss off the Germans, the ADL would go batshit crazy, label the person an anti-Semite, and pull out all the stops to get this public figure ostracized. But apparently mass killings that are committed by your strategic allies can’t qualify as genocides. I hope Foxman chokes on the Turkish cock which apparently he has taken all the way down his throat.

Wally Tango Foxtrot?

The ADF is fellating the Turkish gov’t? Isn’t Turkey moving towards being a more “traditional” Islamic state, not quite pushing Shiara law, but with some people openly politicking for that? If so, isn’t that usually a sign that the culture, and gov’t, are probably anti-Semetic, themselves?

The only thing that I can imagine would justify this would be fear of reprisals against Jews living in Turkey - but wouldn’t you think that if they were faced with such a threat the ADF would be shouting it from the rooftops?

In a few news reports I half-heard, this was exactly the reason.

The ADL’s latest statement (which belatedly squirms around to almost but not quite labeling the mass murders of Armenians as genocide) also mentions Turkey’s friendly relations with Israel as a justification for whitewashing history.

Foxman heartily deserves a pitting and worse. His weaseling and firing of an ADL official who dared to disagree with the official line (thankfully, there were also others in the ADL who spoke out against this travesty) have damaged the reputation of his organization and given encouragement to Holocaust deniers.

Turkey needs to be held accountable for the Armenian genocide, regardless of who its allies are.

Here is the LATimes article:

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