So called Armenian genocide

So called Armenian genocide

Cecil I can not understand how you can make such a mistake. You can look at the census records which were conducted by the French and saw that there were about 1.2 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. So can explain to me that how the Ottomans did killed 1.5 million Armenians.

If we will be talking about genocide and appalling crime and butcherings I would suggest to look at what happened in at the night of February 25 1992 in Khojaly Azerbaijan. Here are some web sites that you can get information and pictures. Also lets not forget %20 of the Azerbaijan is still occupied by Armenia.

What’s the name of that big river in Egypt?

I was going to link to the column but it doesn’t seem to be up on the website yet.

In any event the 1.5 million number has been agreed upon by many reputable disinterested historians. All the OP has is links with an obvious axe to grind.

Interesting argument for denying genocide: “There weren’t enough of them around for us to kill that many.”

I dont hae time to search that many links. Here’s one

There were two million Armenians living in the Ottoman empire prior to the genocide, not 1.2 million.

Cecil called the genocide the 8th worst (from 1900-1987). What are the other six?

For those interested in exploring this topic further, Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised, ethnically-Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan made a movie in 2002 called “Ararat,” about the genocide. I’m not sure how available it is outside Canada, but your local indie movie rental place should have it, or be able to tell you how to get it.


Ararat looks to be widely available for sale. I’ll check it out.


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Well, something around here Sphinx, I can tell you that!

I first heard of the Armenian genocide when I moved out to Los Angeles from Texas. There’s in huge Armenian community here and the genocide is highly publicized, at least in the San Fernando Valley, where I live. At CSUN (Calif. State Uni, Northridge) there was a large memorial on the commons in front of the main library a couple weeks ago commemorating those who were killed in the genocides.

Armenian culture is also coming back! At the Pasadena playhouse, my partner did some costume and wardrobe work for them when there was a revival of Armenia operas held over the past two Septembers. We got to attend the first. They had super-scripting, so the ability to follow the plot/dialogue wasn’t too hard.

In no particular order, I would guess

Pol Pot
Kim (N. Korea)
That guy in Etheopia

The minute I saw this column I knew there would be someone posting here denying the truth. What a suprise that there has only been one person thus far. Maybe progress is being made.

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Here is a link to the SD Column.

No cites, but I seem to recall reading once that the Nazis sent observers to Turkey. I think that this was because of their interest in the [grimace of disgust] logistics of disposing of so many bodies, and they were looking for more efficiency knowing they had a larger population to deal with [/grimace of disgust]. However, given the stated time frame of the Armenian genocide (1915-1922), this would have been a lot earlier than I would have anticipated, given that Kristallnacht was in November, 1938.

This would imply to me that the Nazis either sent the observers considerably after the genocide, or that the Holocaust was much longer in planning than I had ever realized.

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No. The Germans had people in Turkey/the Ottoman Empire during WWI, because the two countries were allied, and they did send reports back about the killing of Armenians (such reports being much of the contemporary documentary evidence that it happened), but they weren’t Nazis, obviously.

I don’t see a population estimate of 1.2 million being inconsistent with a total death toll of 1 to 1.5 million over 8 years.

Three questions for the OP (if he or she is still around):

(1) How many do you estimate died in the Armenian genocide? Or when you call it “so called”, do you you mean that no Armenians were killed by the Turks in 1915-1922?

(2) You compare it with “the night of February 25 1992 in Khojaly Azerbaijan”. How many died then?

(3) How many cilivilians died on each side during the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict of 1988-1994?

I’m not suggesting that the Armenians did not cause civilian casualties in Khojaly Azerbaijan, but every conflict has two sides…

Khojaly Massacre

Looks like 600 to 2000 people.

I’m just waiting for the response from Serdar Argic.

Ah, that takes me back. On alt.folklore.urban, one poster quoted a commercial jingle in his .sig file - Pizza Hut or something, a song about the horrors of post-Christmas leftovers, which managed to use the word “turkey” (the food) at least a dozen times - just to see what it would do to Serdar’s little grepping program. Those were simpler days…

I had never heard of the Armenian genocide before reading this column, so I’m looking over the “notorious 12” list with some interest. I have questions about several of them.

** (4) nationalist China, 10 million, 1928-'49
(6) prerevolutionary Chinese communists (“Mao Soviets”), 3.5 million, 1923-'49*
I’m surprised that there were two genocides in the same country in the same time period. Why are they not combined?

** (5) Japan, 6 million, 1936-'45*
Were these 6 million people Chinese, as in Nanking?

(10) Poland, 1.6 million, 1945-'48
Is this separate from Nazis? Is it listed separately simply because it was in a different country?

Mexico, 1.4 million, 1900-'20
I didn’t know this one, either, and Mexico is adjacent to Texas! The oral history around these parts is that Pancho Villa was a murderous bandit. My wife’s grandfather even flew air support in the US expedition into Mexico to try to capture him. In discussing this with a cow-orker who is from Mexico City, I learned that their viewpoint is not exactly the same. I guess I need to learn more about it.