I pit the asshole who drugged my wife

And I probably just majorly screwed up. I logged onto her computer and logged into her iCloud to use Find My Phone. I completely forgot that that triggers a verification code to appear on the phone screen. If she figures out why that happened, well, I cannot imagine good things coming from it.

I’m not proud of myself for doing it. I’m just not really sure what’s going on these days.

No, but we did make “purple jesus punch” once. At a field station. Four parts grape juice, one part 95% ethanol stolen from the supply room. (locked 45 gallon drum, but a wrench served to open the top). A Norwiegen researcher got shit faced, and left for a bit, only to show up a short time later wearing a life jacket… and nothing else. At all…

I’m sorry, @Drum_God. Going back to you first few posts in this thread, it sounds like you’ve both been through a really crappy stretch, and this event didn’t help at all.

Casual theft, unsurprising behavior.

Since this thread is mostly advice/commiseration with the OP, I’m moving it to a more friendly forum than the Pit.

Sorry to the OP and to your family.

To those who drink – take your drink with you, even to the bathroom. If by some chance, you feel drugged, it could be the bartender.

Thank you.

That’s pretty much it. Whatever happened at that bar just didn’t help what has been a difficult time for us. Maybe it just helps me to personify someone from outside our world reaching in to mess with us, though that may not actually reflect reality all that well.


If your wife is still seeing her counselor, I suggest calling said counselor to report her increased alcohol consumption, and odd behaviors.

You’ve heard about strokes and hypoglycemia. I’ll add my two cents’ worth of seizure disorder. That is a nasty little disease that can occur at any time in life, and it has the potential to eff up damn near everything. It’s especially horrifying if your wife drives.

It could be time to re-evaluate jobs, living conditions, expenses.

Mr VOW developed seizure disorder at age 55, and it was like somebody threw a hand grenade in our home. We turned our lives upside down to find what was most important to us, and we DID IT.

My heartfelt best hopes for both of you.


About a decade ago I went through a very difficult time with my wife after her mother passed. She started acting like a completely different person, as well as drinking and going to a lot of concerts alone (or with her sister, who would often bail out or cancel). There was a time when she went to a bar with new work colleagues. A few of them had to basically carry her into our house (and a couple were surprised I existed). She claimed she was drugged; I’ll probably never know. Some other stuff happened that didn’t add up. Some shocking truths were found out, everything completely out of character for the person I knew. Other things remain a mystery.

I’m not saying your wife was or wasn’t drugged, just I’ve been through difficult times in my marriage where there were a lot of stressors and ongoing issues plus the death of an in-law and I went through a time period where almost nothing made sense. I had a straight-laced family member who became a heroin-addicted escort, high achieving family members who became addicts of all sorts, and all kinds of other associates involved in behavior that never made any sense. Whatever you guys are going through, I wish you the best and hope both of you can figure out how to find your way and remain/regain healthy.

After reading through the thread I’ll throw in another 2 cents.
Questions that can be asked by the op:

  • why did her friends bail on her.
  • are these the same friends she stayed with because she had a “bit to drink”.
  • how many drinks had she consumed then.
  • If the bar staff was watching her they can tell the op how many drinks she had in either incident or at least suggest a pattern of heavy drinking.
  • Is there a family history of diabetes.

I suggest the last question because I’ve witnessed a diabetic in a bar go from perfectly normal to what looks like falling down drunk in the space of a couple of minutes. We were having a normal conversation and suddenly she went into a “I love you man”. mode involving me. Since there was no chance she felt this way about me it demonstrated how uncharacteristic her behavior was. Her friends intervened got her to measure her glucose levels and take some insulin. this was a serious medical issue.

And finally Why would someone not seek medical attention if there was a possibility they were drugged? As was stated up-thread, she didn’t think this was the case. If it wasn’t the case then what is the explanation?. Were the 3 drinks served in 60 oz pitchers?