I pit the gentlemen who tore this guy's eyes out.


Arrrrrrrrrrgh. In front of his kids and family. Come on.

My only complaint is with your use of the term gentlemen. That’s brutal, and in front of his kids?! I can’t imagine hating someone enough to do something like that.

Certainly a valid point. This was in fact a perhaps pathetic attempt at sarcasm. “Gentle” men. Not.

Wow. That is horrific.

More candidates for the woodchipper.

Stunning cold and horrific, but I guess that was the point. I remember reading of a time when they raided the home of a teacher to drag and decapitate him in the village square in front of his family. Where is that link… here and here.

Probably the Taliban? Ain’t religion great? Think my way or I’ll fucking dig your eyes out. Makes me want to sign right up.

Can we make it a Pit with sharpened spikes , coated with diseased shit and pus, and reverse-barbed, so they sort of slide down them with jerky, ultra-painful movements? And maybe a few poisonous snakes crawling around… oh, and some zombies!

I know why they attacked him.

They were jealous of his ingenious plot to cut out the middleman and grow popcorn directly. He was cutting into thier bottom-line, thier “bread and butter” or in this case, “butter-flavor”.

But it begs the question: Can’t he still plant blind? And what about his Raisenette Tree?

I want to have your little evil babies.

Well, some may disagree, but I think it’s wrong to tear people’s eyes out.

That’s a very simplistic and narrow minded opinion. What if a man steals your unmarried daughter, the pretty one even? She could be worth some forty goats. Are you going to gouge those eyes out then or risk losing face?

Can’t it be both? Like the guy in the article.

With an issue like this, where there is such a diversity of opinion, I think it’s important to remember that if you disagree with me, you’re a stupid asshole.

Boom-chicka Wow-Wow!

Yeah, I mean, one eye is bad enough but both? That’s crossing a line!

The Oedipus look is making a comeback I see.

That is some calculated brutality right there. I would somehow be less disturbed if they just killed him.

How awful. And some of you people are pure evil!

I wonder what it says about us that there are at least a dozen active “Palin/McCain/Obama/Biden is a poopyhead!” threads with 200+ replies and this thread has 18 replies.