I pit the non-college whites flocking to vote for Trump

I keep hearing commentators on TV and radio say that win or lose, Democrats are going to need to “reach out” to non-college whites after this election. I have done various jobs as a volunteer for the Democratic Party, but they are going to need to look for someone else when it comes to that one. The only way I would like to “reach out” to those fuckheads is with a baseball bat to cave their heads in. :mad:

Damn bro, get your baseball bat. Put a fork in her it’s done. Trump’s in.

Another shinning example of liberal tolerance.

It’s not about liberal or conservative (I wouldn’t say this if any of the other candididates had been nominated, except maybe Carson). Hell, it wouldn’t even matter if Trump weren’t a blatantly racist, misogynistic, sexual predator. For Americans to elect a patently absurd, obvious con man and buffoon to the most important single job in the world is absolutely inexcusable. It is a stain upon our image and credibility before the world, even if he manages not to do any great damage otherwise.

Apparently America figures you are wrong.

Depending on how you define it. The NY Times says they believe Hillary Clinton is likely to win the popular vote.

We will have to see about that, it’s the new York times.
If he is sitting in the whitehouse, it is not how I define it. The people have spoken.

Yes, and as America has proven repeatedly over the last year and a half, America cannot be trusted with anything more dangerous than safety scissors.

The Democratic Party is gonna have to do a LOT more “reaching out” than just to the aforementioned. Many progressives stayed home, voted for Stein or another real progressive, or even voted for Trump out of protest. The DemocRATS fucked up by hosing down Bernie Sanders. Black turnout - down.

Every single elite “liberal” in this country, from those on “street-level” all the way up to the Wicked Witch herself, needs to look at what happened tonight and realize that it’s time to stop just talking game about uplifting the suppressed (while completely ignoring us in reality), and actually start DOING it. The days of them living it up and not breaking off any of that for people like me gotta end if they’re gonna have a chance. Period.

Dems don’t have to do anymore reaching out. That’s bullshit. You might as well explain Shakespeare to a turnip. Let them fuck the nation for 4-8 years and they’ll come crawling back like they always do after they fuck it up. Explaining anything to them is a waste of time.


It’s arrogant, ignorant, stupid, attitudes like that which cost Clinton so many votes.


Hello McFly! You lost to Donal Effing Trump :smack:
Maybe, just maybe the way you went about doing things wasn’t all that effective.

Lysistrata time. If all the women who voted for Hillary would shun all the men who voted for Trump, maybe we could get the point across.

But will they?

When Trumps non-reality based policies bite, will it be:

  1. Doh! I was fooled!

  2. Enemiy Sabotage! Traitors! Media lies!

Your attitude has sucked this entire election, SlackerInc. One of the only redeeming factors from tonight is knowing how crushed you must be that your scientifically proven powers of prediction have proven to be so very made-up.

What about the women who voted for Trump?

touche. Liberals do tend to think they’re smarter than conservatives. Sure, the ones who studied hard sciences might be, but the ones who study liberal arts, really are not; they’re just rich kids who think they’re smart because they follow liberal arts professor pied pipers who feed them Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies, intersectionality, etc. Those kind of kids are not really much smarter than non-college whites who just elected Trump; they’re more arrogant.

But two-thirds of women voters are white, and white women (not just the blue collar ones but them and the ones with college degrees combined together) voted for Trump over Hillary by a double digit margin.

You are a fucking idiot. I know that isn’t a clever or funny or even interesting reply, but the angry masturbation fantasy you posted doesn’t deserve anything better.