I PIT the USA Today comment section

Not talking about the quality of the comments, I’m talking about the coding behind the site and how it operates.
Here is an example from a talk radio host crapping on democrats for not getting as much support in national elections

Look at how that comment section behaves!!!

I had an advertisement pop up and when I closed it the comments section went away as well. scrolling is broken, normally you can two finger scroll on a trackpad to scroll down, but not there! Not even on android mobile devices can you scroll down. If I load a page up on a tablet or my phone, I can only see a TINY section of comments because I LITERALLY cannot scroll down because it can’t distinguish scrolling on the comment section vs the entire page.

Maybe ios devices work properly, but I refuse to cut my eyes out and use apple to get this trashy website to work properly.

WORST, comment design, EVER!