I pit those who implied that Hillary Clinton faked her concussion to avoid the Senate inquiry

Now she’s hospitalized with a blood clot stemming from that concussion. Sitting congressmen were among those who made such accusations. I hope they are ashamed of themselves for their ridiculous accusation (but I doubt it).

Wasn’t it just Allen West, who already lost anyway?

The only thing those people will do is harumph and say “Well I thought she was faking it” (as if we give a shit or that it excuses the behavior). The most fanatical will say “We still don’t know that she wasn’t faking it”.

A random headline or three is about all I know about this.

But didn’t’ it start as she fainted, had a cuncussion but did NOT see a doctor about this?

And to be honest, an “I have a serious medical condition but aren’t seeing doctors about it” does sound rather a bit dubious.

And besides, where is the original long form certificate of concussion? Hmmmm?

Let’s face it, the conspiracy nutters will never actually be satisfied because they are… how shall I put it politely…

Fucking nuts.

Oh yeah there are some fucking nutters. And they will never let anything go. But seriously aksing here, did it not START out sorta like I described? (which sounds cheesy as shit IMO).

Honestly, I know about jack shit about this whole debacle beside a few random news headlines and threads here I haven’t really followed.

As far as I can tell it started like one of those murder mysteries where the guy is caught hovering over the body with a knife in his hand covered in blood. Then eventually, the true killer is caught and the original suspect is all pissed anybody suspected him, when any normal person would also be like “well, no shit you suspected me because it looked pretty damn bad”.

And the ubermost fanatical will invent proof she was faking it, and put it in books which Regnery will publish, and nobody involved will ever, ever, back down or apologize.

Perhaps then (and I’m just spitballing here), if you don’t really know what happened, perhaps you should, I don’t know, not open your pie-hole with ludicrous suggestions about how “dubious” it sounds.

Because that makes you sound like a nutter.

Thats why I ASKED you fucking jackass.

And was honest and upfront about how little I knew.

Lets remember a similar? “yeah right political moment” where the doubters ended up looking like heels.

Reagan in hearings (regarding Iran Contra I think?). Plenty of inconvient questions were answered with variations of “I don’t recall”.

Well, of course, any reasonable person would go “yeah, right”

Well, eventually the ole Gipper was diagnosed with Alzheimers or ole timers or some such. Now IF he was suffering the early stages of that when the hearings were going on…

Well, guess what? Perhaps Reagan wasn’t lieing. But ALSO that does not rectroactively make the original doubters assholes. It just makes them wrong. These things happen. Now, if they start pulling crazy shit after that revelation, then yeah stick the crazy label on them and be done with it.

I agree and I’m a Left-Mclefty.

As to the OP: I love a good Repub bashing as much as the next guy but… Her concussion and her blod clot are not related.

It probably has more to do with her traveling or her being bedridden.

Because they think the blood clot is most likely in her leg NOT her head.

She was bedridden due to the concussion, so they are related. I’ve yet to find them making a statement on where the clot is.

Eh, she’s the hard-driving sort who’s more likely to try to tough things out than most women would.

Well, if ya’ want to put it like that sure. But why not skip the middle man and say Hillary got a blood clot because of a stomach flu?

Except when it comes to being on trial. Which is what made it so dubious at the time.

I’m curious: If the average Joe got a subpoena, can he call the court house and say: "Sorry, can’t make it today guys. I got a little boo boo on my head…

…What’s that? Oh, no, I haven’t seen a doctor, but I’m pretty sure it’s bad enough that it warrants me not going to court."


I’m pretty sure she did see a doctor. She didn’t go to a hospital. Because the SoS doesn’t need to go to a hospital because doctors can come to her.

You may be mistaking that because dipshit conservatives have been lying about it since she fell.


Was the doctor thing circulating elsewhere or was it made up specially for this thread?

Well, my TV stays tuned to MSNBC way more than it should. I clearly remember the NOT going to the hospital thing. Although, I suppose it is possible I glazed over the part where they reported she had personal doctors on hand.

Either that or I just don’t remember it.

Her number was up, but Death chickened out.

Now why did this spring immediately to mind?

(Nothing more to see here, move along.)

I endorse this pitting. The Benghazi inquiry is about nothing more than trying to damage Clinton in anticipation of a 2016 run and the Republicans behavior during all of this is just a reminder that they truly are just horrible people.

You know, add one letter there and you’ve given the RW a name for this meme.