I Pit UltraVires

I’m aware of it. UV’s disgusting behavior goes well beyond his incompetent lawyering, and I think we do actually need a separate thread to document it. He is a shitty lawyer and a loathsome person.

No, no, omnibus threads are why the board is dying.
A new thread for every offence is what the cool kids are into now.

I’m no UltraVires fan, and I think he’s wrong about Juneteenth, but how is the sentiment quoted in the OP problematic?

In isolation? It’s not especially problematic. It’s his continual JAQ-off behavior, refusal to educate himself, prideful ignorance, and outright, explicit racism that is problematic.

This is not new. He’s been doing it since he joined the board.

Cool. If only you’d quoted some of those things, this would be a good pitting. But I guess that thread already exists?

Oh yeah, chock full of dumbassery and asshattery of the highest order:

Yeah, that thread had a quality OP.

*Bricker has entered the chat

Mmm, how could a non-African-American telling African-Americans they’re celebrating their own holiday all wrong, datewise, and the Fed merely acknowledging their long-existing holiday officially is “fake history”, possibly be problematic?

Why, I’m stumped… :roll_eyes:

As I said, I think he’s wrong, and I think you’d be in the right to disregard his opinion. But I can’t see it as racist to say, “Hey, if we want to celebrate the end of slavery, how about the date of the ratification of the 13th Amendment instead?”

I think it all comes down to the reputation or perceived intent of a poster.

If a progressive/liberal Doper had come into the thread suggesting that the holiday be the date of the ratification of the 13th, I don’t think anyone would have complained or accused him of JAQing.

I imagine that’s true. And if someone like Chief Pedant showed up JAQing about “doesn’t it seem a little weird that the 100 meter dash winner is always black” or some such, I’d totally get that.

But what are you and the OP positing the the subtext here? That UV doesn’t really want an end-of-slavery holiday? That he thinks we should bring slavery back? What?

“Hey, if we want to celebrate the end of slavery, how about the date of the ratification of the 13th Amendment instead of the date African-Americans have celebrated for generations?”

Fixed that for you.

That the actual people involved are wrong about the date and that he’s right and that it’s necessary to derail a celebratory thread to insist on it.

a) there already is a holiday that African-Americans celebrate, so this will be ignoring their cultural practices; and
b) Nobody. Fucking. Asked. For . His. White. Opinion.

a) I agree - he’s wrong; and
b) There’s no expectation here that opinions be solicited prior to being offered.

Given his history, there is every expectation that this Just Asking Question was not proffered in good faith.

The unsolicited opinion (AKA threadshit) comes from a known asshole who is obviously just stirring shit for giggles.

The subtext is: look at those silly Blacks they can’t even get their holiday right.

Oh, I am well aware that this is perfectly in-line with the standard White Man “expectation” that his opinion is both eagerly awaited and treated with all due deference.

But I’m done just shaking my head and saying “What White nonsense is this?” to myself. It was a prime polished piece of White fuckery, and it deserves to be called out as such.

I could see @Euphonious_Polemic ‘s point about it just being plain trolling. I mean, that’s pretty unfalsifiable, but it makes a measure of sense. The subtext being "those silly Blacks can’t even get their holiday right’ doesn’t make sense, though: he’s not criticizing the African-American community for celebrating Juneteenth. He’s criticizing the US government for elevating that day to be the federal holiday for the celebration of the end of slavery.