I pit UPS

I ordered a package from Amazon on July 26th with an expected delivery date of August 1st. Still haven’t received it. :mad:

So far the package has gone to

1 Nashville, TN
2 Cleveland, TN
3 Nashville, TN
4 Sharonville, OH
5 Cleveland, TN
6 Nashville, TN (has been sitting there since 10:51 last night, Aug 6)

I’ve called the manufacturer, Amazon and UPS and still can’t get a straight answer or find out any more than I could on the UPS tracking page. Amazon did send me two automated e-mails to tell me that my package was delayed. :rolleyes:

What is so difficult about looking at an address on a box and putting it in a truck?!

Nothing, since it seems like it’s been done repeatedly.

Apparently what’s hard is putting it on the right truck(s) and delivering it too you.

I know a handful of dudes who work on the docks at Sharonville.

Supposedly, UPS does drug tests, but I’ve never seen any evidence that anybody who works there is particularly worried about them.

Just curious, where’s it supposed to be going?

UPS is taking 12 days to deliver a package from somewhere in Texas to my home in California. This should never happen in 2012. Hell, I feel like in 1912 it didn’t even take 12 days to get from Texas to California.

Now, I don’t really blame UPS for this, but rather the god forsaken business I purchased from who charged me $10 for shipping and then hitched my fucking package up to a sloth and buggy team or something.

That’s part of what has me so steamed. It was less than an hour’s drive from me when it was in Sharonville, then they sent it back out of state.

I wonder if they meant to send it to Cleveland, OH for final destination before sending to your house, but instead it went back to Cleveland, TN.

I actually praise UPS. I ordered some things from Amazon, they put them in the breezeway without asking.

Now FedEx, OTOH… I noted to please put the ordered laptop in the breezeway. Instead, they put a lovely Post-It on the breezeway door, letting me know the left the package at the front door. On the stoop. A box with the name of the computer company stamped all over it.

Sounds like FedEx was stoopid. :wink:

This is actually why I hate UPS. I ordered some things, and UPS left the box on my porch.

The address to which the box was sent was my Post Office Box! The crutting muckers had taken a package into their system, and delivered it to an address completely different from the destination on the label.

(What if it had been porn, and my sainted grandmother had opened the box? What if it had been a birthday gift for my sister? What if it had been politically sensitive materials, contrary to my papa’s strict political views? DAMN THEM, I use a P.O. Box for a reason!)

I hate the whole “Kabuki dance” of them bring me a fucking notice instead of a damn package.

But I think I know why UPS is fucking with their deliveries. They want to sell you something called UPS “My Choice” where you pay $40 a year to get your packages delivered when & where you want them.:mad:

In other words, they are butt fucking you so that you will give them money. They also pushed their GOP buddies into fucking the USPS by some ridiculous pension funding rule, so that the USPS will have to cut back service a lot.

My way is to demand no package shipped by UPS or FedEX (their politics are as bad as that chicken place anyway) and insist upon USPS.

Just say NO to FedEx and UPS.

UPS can’t deliver to a PO Box; nobody but the US Postal Service can put something in there. I’m impressed that UPS managed to find your physical address and deliver it anyway.

But that’s why I’m mad at them. They should not have accepted the package in the first place. “Oh, it’s addressed to a P.O. Box. We can’t deliver it.” Instead, they did accept it, and delivered it to an address other than the destination on the label.

(The Pit? The Pit. Fuck 'em a hundred times, the reeking lying deceiving fraudulent felchers!)

These are some serious White People problems!

I’ve been through this… P.O. box = Post Office box. So, which service is that? Whose fault is that?

UPS stock actually pays a pretty good dividend. EPS is up too, but not enough for the analysts.

Sometimes they will break your shit, dammit :mad:

Because non-white people never get pissed off when something they ordered doesn’t show up on time? Seriously, what?

I tried asking Amazon nicely once to please, please, please let me choose my shipper or at least refuse FedEx, and they said their policy didn’t allow that. Has that changed?

Now that I think of it, Amazon never ships anything to me via FedEx any more. Maybe they’ve given them up for anything except major metro areas.

I guess you don’t watch SNL.

I was in Italy last month and needed to have some documents notarized and sent, very quickly, back to the U.S. (Baltimore). This was on a Thursday. The documents had still not arrived Wednesday of the following week. About the time I was about to call to ask the question I received an email stating that the package was either lost or destroyed.

I called the 1-800 number and the lady that answer said something to the effect of ‘oh that’s the truck fire, let me transfer you’.

The second lady informed me that yes, my package and all the other packages, had been destroyed in a fire (near Pittsburg) but that because I had used mailboxes etc I was SOL for getting my euro 30 back.

UPS when you absolutely have to have important documents destroyed from an overseas location …

I know, I know it was a fluke and I’ll use them again I’m sure but I just shook my head at the chances.