I pit you, rubbish shirt-printers...

I’m an Officer Cadet in the GSUOTC, and I’ve joined the engineers troop.

We’re all getting troop rugby tops printed, for when we have PT or games against other troops/units.

So we’re getting ‘hilarious’ nicknames printed on the back, and we had a discussion about what they should be.

Because my surname is boring (Smith), most people just call me Harry or a range of insults/comments that they think on the spot.

We decided that was too boring, so I was going to have “Handsome Harry” printed on the back, suggested by a few other cadets.

I’ve found out today that apparently that was too long (what?) to go on the back so someone decided (without asking me) to put ‘Sexy Harry’ on the back.

That’s just rubbish, there’s no alliteration, it just makes me sound like a bit of a tit. And I’ve already paid a reasonable sum for this top. Bollocks.

So what can I do now? Take it to another place and see if they’ll fix it? Or just tell the story when anyone asks about my moniker? Or I could just try and live up to it and be sexy all the time.

Stupid shirtmakers and stupid person who ordered them (he’s a really nice guy so I’m not really pitting him.)

Dunno. But back in my college days, a couple of friends of mine were putting on a recital. It was to be an all-percussion recital, as performed by a bunch of percussionists. The name of the show was “Partners in Time.”

The printer “corrected” the programmes to say “Partners in Crime.”

Are you too sexy for your shirt? Too sexy for your shirt? So sexy it hurts?

But seriously, you say that you’ve paid good money for the printing job, and they didn’t perfrom to spec? Get your money back, or have them do it all over again. Or did the bloke that ordered them authorize the text change? If so, you’re kind of SOL. Shame, though – I’d be morto wearing something like that!

I think the guy that ordered it authorised it. Not cool. I kinda get what SOL means, but what does it come from?

And morto? Mort…ified? Confused!

I’m wondering if I take the shirt to another printers if they can do something about it. Anyone know about that?

Sorry - **SOL ** is shit outta luck, and you got morto, spot on.
How was the lettering applied? Silkscreen? Iron on?

No need to apologise, I’ve been here for two years longer than you (just post a little less) so I should really know!

I think it’s iron on. Glad we didn’t fork out the extra money for embroidering.

I don’t know. Maybe they do have a heat process to un-bond the transfer material from the cloth – but you’re probably going to need a new shirt.

Sounds to me like the guy who ordered the shirts is making shit up and is having fun at your expense.

It’s your day in the barrel, bub. :slight_smile:

To be honest, the guy who ordered the shirts is the nicest person ever and I dont think he’d be having fun at my expense. I just think he didn’t think about what he’d actually put on my shirt. Maybe he just thinks I’m sexy.

At least that’s what I’ll tell everyone who asks.

I feel for you man.
I’m in a marching band, and my section (clarinets) had shirts made with everyone’s name and nickname on it. The section leader picked the nicknames, and when I asked what mine was she said she had to eliminate her top picks because she thought I would get mad at her. Assuming the decision had been made, I pretended to be anice person and said that I probably wouldn’t have been that mad. I said this because I thought it was too late to change and I didn’t want to act so easily offended.

What I didn’t know is that she then went and changed it to her first choice. I ended up being “Big Jugs” hawksgirl :smack: . That’s the last time I try to spare feelings.

And for the record… yes.

My band shirt was OK!

I was in a 10-piece soul-band before I relocated for University.

I was one of the two sax-players in the band, the other guy opted for the “Mad Sax Man” on his shirt, so I thought of “thesaxoffender” after much musing, and it’s been my internet moniker (except for here) ever since.

I’ve still got that shirt, because that is a good nickname!

“I dunno. My nickname isn’t ‘Sexy Harry’, but that’s what Jones over there told them to put on my shirt. I guess he thinks I’m sexy…”

Hee. That reminds me of the day we seniors in high school got our embroidered team spirit shirts. I picked ‘Piranha’ since I was one of the most vicious water polo players on the team.

They spelled it Pirhana. :smack: :frowning:


That was gonna be my suggestion! :smiley: