If the Shirt fits, read the words first.

Is is just me, or anyone that wears a shirt from say “Abercrombie” “American Eagle” “Structure” and anyother god awful name brand i left out with words on it saying things such a “Cross Country Skier” or “Malibu Surfing Competition” be immediatelly beaten since there is very little chance they have partaken in any such said activity and ever will. And if they have, maybe they should get a stern punch in the face for wearing the overpriced, tasteless crap in the first place?

I am now wearing a Gap shirt with the words “Moderators Love Me” emblazoned across its chest.

Truth in advertising, I always say.

No. It’s just you.

Off to the Pit.

So, false advertising is now grounds for criminal assault? I did not know that. :dubious:

And across yours too, by implication. :slight_smile:

So, do moderators love you, your shirt, or your boobies? And which moderators? Inquiring minds want to know!

RTFirefly wrote:




**All of 'em.

Right, dearest moddy-mods? :smiley:

I hate American Eagle Outfitters. But I do like A&F and I have two pair of pants from Structure.

I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything that reads Malibu Surfing Competition, though.

You can punch me in the face if you’d like, but you’d better **a)**run very fast and **b)**hope my hubby doesn’t know where you live.

I’ve got a shirt that reads “I toured the forest moon of Endor.” Does that mean I get a sock in the face?

I have a very very old Surf Nebraska! shirt. That count?

I have a shirt that says “Spider-Man” and has a picture of the Spidey logo. This despite the fact that I do not have radioactive blood, nor can I catch criminals like flies. I’m such a fraud.

I have a shirt that reads, “My patron went to Warriors and Warlords and all he bought me was this stupid tunic” in latin. Am I in the club?

john_b , I too hate shirts with writing on them. If you’re going to wear something with writing on it, at least let it be something with personal meaning to you!

Hey, I just bought a skirt from American Eagle! Them’s fightin’words! Put 'em up, JuanitaTech!

Meet me at the flagpole. Winner gets to wear items of their own choosing, no matter what they claim.

Which of course can be determined by just looking at the person wearing said shirt.

World Eater you take all the fun out of petty, irrational hatred.:smiley:

I just bought a shirt at Cheers that says “Body by Norm”

Not quite, but I’m workin’ on it! :smiley:

Hate away! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a ratty old shirt that says “Jack’s Mule Rides”. I must admit that I am not Jack and I do not provide mule rides - I just think it’s a nice shirt.

In the early 1970s, I risked life and limb in the Amazon to study highly venemous arachnids. So, I feel entitled to wear my “Deep Jungle Research” t-shirt with a picture of a spider on the front.

I try to avoid buying any shirt that implies I engage in water skiiing, or heliboarding, or alligator wrestling, or whatever. It seems like every other shirt you see these days has “Lifeguard” on it. Personally, I’d never buy any shirt that suggests to onlookers that I’d be remotely qualified to rescue people caught in riptides or being attacked by sharks.