your most offensive or disarming t-shirt?

**I have a few.

you know, tshirts with little pictures or phrases that prompt either shocked, absolutely offended, or amused expressions in passerby’s as they notice.

so how about your shirts, and the best reactions they’ve gotten?

currently mine would have to be the “Fcuk Bush” t.
i get all reactions, revolt, anger, laughter, phone numbers, nods, and i’ve been cursed at a few times by the Bushies… eh, it makes me laugh to see that a simple little opinionated tshirt can provoke the kind of anger you’d typically only get if you were to shove your thumb up a strangers butt, and wiggled, as they bent over to get a paper out of the machine. hmph.**

um, not that ive done this, to know the reaction first hand of course. hah.

just the way id imagine it to be.


I’m not sure of the rules here, but there are a ton of offensive shirts on a website I know of. I will post the link once the rules are clarified to me. I currently am ordering a shirt from there that has a silhouette of a stripper on a pole with the text “I support single moms” below it.

Though I do not own this shirt nor want to, one of the more offensive shirts i’ve seen is a parody of the “I heart NY” shirts. It’s “I plane NY”. This and many more offensive shirts are available at “Gone Fistin’” is a personal favorite.

I had a T-Shirt in the early 90’s by a band called ‘Carter USM’ which had
“You Fat B*stard” in large orange writing.

(with the missing ‘a’ of course!)
Many a nightclub that got me throw out of…ahh, memories…


I know this is in terrible taste, but that’s just genius. True, I’d never wear one, but still genius in a very twisted way.

A fairly offensive one I saw (and you probably have to be British to get it) had portraits of Fread and Rosemary West above the “Ground Force” logo…

When I wear my “feed me chocolate” T-shirt, I get lots of smiles and compliments. From both guys *and * girls ! I like the way the smiley looks like a little hungry bird. It’s just so silly.

I like silly.

I bought a shirt at a George Carlin show several years ago, on the front is Georges face and on the back it says (in large lettering) “SIMON SAYS GO FUCK YOURSELF”, I wear it under an open button down shirt because I really like the front.


I usually get a few disappointed comments from:

“No, I will not fix your computer.”

I have a T-shirt that says “Sleeps well with others.” I bought it years ago and don’t think I’ve worn it once. It seemed funny at the time, but I guess I’m not nervy enough.

The most offensive T-shirt that I have ever seen was worn by a sleazy guy on a beach in Maine. It had a picture of the Twix cereal Rabbit on it. Over the rabbit it read, “Silly Faggot, Dix are for Chix”. I cannot believe that someone would actually wear that in public. In addition, I just googled the phrase and there still some places that sell them.

I have a t-shirt that says “Fuck me and marry me young”. I haven’t worn it in a while but it usually got me some reactions. It’s a line from a song by The Sisters of Mercy.

I have the Maddox “For every animal you don’t eat, i’m going to eat three” one, with a Toucan, Chimp and Koala in a cooking pot on the front and the writing in bold.

But I miss my old ones that fell to bits or no longer fitted. Amongst the best:

Stormtroopers of Death T, with the zombie head on the front and ‘Speak English or Die’ on the back
A red one that had this on the front
I loved that one.
I was the first person at Tower Records to be told I couldn’t wear a Rapeman t-shirt to work too. Or anywhere else for that matter. Thats the band by the way, rather than a satement of intent. :smiley:

I don’t really own any particularly offensive ones, but have seen a fair few about…

Some seriously offensive ones on here that I doubt many people would actually want wear in public. Although, I have seen the "Jesus was a cunt" t-shirt on several people.

Mine is from a convenience store in New Orleans called Wagner’s Meat, and the red T-shirt says, in white lettering: “You can’t beat Wagner’s Meat.” This hilarious slogan was very intentional, and they sell T-shirts and give away bumperstickers over there.

I also have a really old comic book T-shirt, with a group picture of the superhero team Gen 13, with art by J. Scott Campbell (known for drawing sexy women). One of the female characters, Caitlyn Fairchild, is looking over her shoulder, wearing a thong, so there’s plenty of cartoon babe butt-cleavage on my T-shirt. I used to wear this when I’d work out or go to band practice, but I’ve never felt comfortable wearing it out in public.

Just thinking… .is that link I put up there considered wrong under board rules? I’ll mail a Mod to check and / or get it removed.


I am currently wearing one that says


It gets me the occasional stare as people try to decipher it, then a smile when they do. Me wearing it also seems to coincide with occasional attempted pick-ups (alas, exclusively from drunk men).

I don’t see why the T-Shirt Hell link would be a problem.

My favourite from that page:

(Front:) I like my women like I like my coffee

(Back:) Ground up and in the freezer

I don’t really have any offensive t-shirts but I do plan to get the “What would Jesus do for a Klondike bar” one someday.

I do have one that might be mildly amusing, although I don’t think some people get it. It just says “Visualize Whirled Peas”.

Ah… so that’s what “Disable smilies in text” is for… :smack: