I pitt D'Anconia

I’m seriously disappointed none of you rejected D_Anconia’s cite for the House’s leadership as not being sufficiently neutral.

Fair enough. My fault for hoping some people come to a discussion in good faith.

And he’s back to his old ‘derail the thread’ game. In the State of the Union thread he goes on rather endlessly about Bono being a guest at the speech. In his opinion having celebrities is demeaning got the proceedings or some such nonsense.

Other than his useless yammering about Bono his only other contribution was to make a snide post calling Biden “Gramps”. What a fucking tool.

And then he complains in ATMB about being told to stop hijacking the SOTU thread with his nonsense about Bono.

What a silly little shit.

This is the exact behavior they led to his week-long suspension less than a month ago.

He is getting a lot of rope in my opinion.

I might be a little bit at fault for that. He asked “Why is Bono there?” and I was the one who replied, “Just guessing, but maybe it’s because of his humanitarian efforts and his philanthropy.”

His question was ignored before then. I must have set him off. At least, when the hijack got going, I decided to stay out of it. But maybe I should have shut up from the start–at least, on the Bono question–and stuck to Mr. Biden’s speech, and left the question ignored.

Buh bye, d’asshole.

No way it was the slightest bit your fault. D’Anconia is widely regarded by both general posters and moderators as a pain in the ass. I don’t know – and am not the least bit interested in finding out – whether he’s a deliberate troll or just a MAGA-aligned idiot or very likely both.

For fucks’ sake, Bono convinced George W Bush 16 years ago to start AIDS relief efforts. He has spent years working with politicians on both sides of the aisle for humanitarian purposes. He’s not just there because he’s a celebrity.

Donald Trump was a celebrity. By D’Anconia’s reasoning, he had no place being at any SOTU either.

D’Anconia is still at it in ATMB.


  • That thread will soon be closed if he doesn’t fuck off.

  • D’Asshole’s days on this board are slowly and inexorably drawing to a close.

ETA: Thread lock, check. Second action item pending.

He doesn’t give a flying fuck about Bono. This is only about hijacking the thread and trolling the libs.

I took his carping was about dislike of Bono which is why I made the comment to @D_Anconia in his complaint thread in ATMB asking about Limbaugh’s attendance a few years ago. My point being both Bono and Limbaugh are/were celebrities. I realize that was off topic which is why I deleted my reply when he asked about it.

And my mention of RL was purely because he was the first righty celeb who was a guest at a SOTU that popped into my head.

Suspended for a day.

So far.

No, suspended until the rest of the mods can weigh in.

Thanks. That’s reassuring, as I was wondering if I was the one who got the ball rolling, by engaging him on the “Why is Bono there?” hijack.

Thanks again, @wolfpup !

If it was a sincere question, I’d understand it. If someone only knew Bono as a musician it wouldn’t have been unwarranted to ask. And you gave a good answer.

It’s entirely his fault that it wasn’t a sincere question and he was just performing to rile people up. Trolling and hijacking both.

But no, you gave a good answer to what would have been a reasonable question if it had come from a reasonable poster.

I actually wondered why Bono was there myself but just did a search online and got the info. He was perfectly capable of doing that himself.

And no way was any of that your fault.

Thanks. I saw What Exit?'s post but not Aspenglow’s reply.