I played football in the Rose Bowl today...

In the first ever “Lady Bruins Football 101” seminar. Me and 150 or so other women of all ages joined our new coach Rick Neuheisel at the Rose Bowl today. I’m still all smiles.

I got to sit in the brand-spankin’-new locker room while Coach taught us terms and points of strategy. Then we headed out for scrimmage. I almost cried walking out onto the hallowed turf, when I recalled that the last time I was anywhere near a football field was with my late grandfather, and when I thought about all the things UCLA has done for me, and how much I’ve changed in my two years there, and how much I will miss it when I graduate in June.

I played defensive lineman today under the direction of DeWayne Walker. It was awesome. Afterwards I gave an interview for the press.

After scrimmage, all the ladies pretty much bolted for Coach Chow to get autographs. I waited patiently but time was up before I could speak with him. However I did get to shake his hand. He seems like a very nice man. Coach Neuheisel took the day pretty seriously, and cajoled one woman for not walking and not running out of the locker room.

Later we all posed for a picture on the field with the coaches. Coach Chow posed with one lady’s young toddler, resplendent in her cheerleader outfit. Souvenirs were given out: a commemorative T-shirt, an Adidas leather-bound notebook, and an Adidas track suit. I reckon the cost of the souvenirs outpaced what I paid for the experience by about four times. Maybe five.


Dang, too late to edit: that is, for walking and not running.