I Pledge a 24 Hour Fast on any Threads or Posts involving the Election; Join Me?

Starting at midnight EST tonight until midnight EST on Election Tuesday- I won’t open or post in a thread about the election. It’s in order to purge and be virginal on election today, and to give the board and apolitical Dopers a break, especially since whatever comes Tuesday night the board’s going to be nothing but Election stuff for the next week at least.

The fast of course ends immediately in the event of anything REALLY earth shattering (like a major life event for a candidate or the revelation of a dead body in their trunk or whatever) but not for routine “ooh, can’t believe s/he said that” type stuff.

I figure that by now everybody’s decided one way or the other (and if they aren’t they shouldn’t vote) and can use a break from both candidate’s names.

Anybody care to join me in the fast?

I’m in.

Not that I was reading about the election anyway, but still.

I’m in.

I’m in.

I’ll wait until Wednesday to post about the Senate election party I’m going to.

I’m in…I think starting now.

You got my vote… uh I mean I’m in

I’m in. I need a break. I’m going to try to stay off the news sites too.

So, what shall we talk about? How can I get Sampiro riled up?

Hmmm…Margaret Mitchell was a talentless hack who whitewashed the KKK? Libraries are becoming obsolete with the advent of the internet? Eyepatches went out with the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

You know I love you, sweetie. I worship the quicksand you walk on.

::Breathing in and out into a paper bag::

<muffeled> “No.”

::More breathing::

Cool. Does this mean you’re working on the Moulin Rouge! OP? :smiley:


I’m in.

Me, too!

This is a bit more difficult than I thought. I almost opened a political thread, but a fast is a fast.

Sampiro if you would post a collection of your favorite threads to distract me it would make things easier. No, not favorite threads others have written - favorite threads written by you.

Ooooooh. Saw you get in trouble over in the game room. I lowered my eyes and quickly backed out like the pure punk that I am. I don’t mess with Ms. Reborn.

Easily done. I rarely participate in them anyway.

I opened one today, but the OP was getting the thumping he so richly deserves, so it was more of a vicarious neener neener, not a political debate.

I’m not looking at polls, either. The election is tomorrow (I’ll be voting after work) so I don’t care what the polls are trending anymore. The campaign is over, it’s for the voters to decide.

Okay, the part about not opening them is released.

So we look but don’t participate? Okay.

So, what shall we talk about? How’s your sister, Sampiro?

You are too kind, my dear.

Pardon any real or perceived (probably more real) ego, but my favorite “ignored” threads that I’ve written (i.e. some I was kinda proud of but don’t think ever got read much) would be the Jonestown sequence in this one (starts at 94). Premise: it was a thread dedicated to BS little known facts about Wilford Brimley(i.e. Wilford Brimley eats children, Wilford Brimley has mated with 34 virgins in one night, etc.).

I liked the 5000 Years of Larry King thread I started. Didn’t really go anywhere unfortunately. And "Pharaoh Responds to his Hippie Kid Brother Moses in another one (I’ll edit to post link when the search window returns).

And I have to admit I was kinda proud of Saturday’s “Fred G. Sanford as Fox News Pundit” post on Saturday morning considering it was free-flow and at about 9 a.m. when I’m never up.

Link- post 132.

I just wanted you to know, that when I saw this particular statement, Major Toht immediately sprang to mind.

Sampiro, you’ve got my vote. I’m in!

I’d like to see Sampiro get a copy to the headpiece to the Staff of Ra.