I produced a movie that opens tomorrow

It is my first time and I am excited. I am leaving out the details to maintain anonymity here.

It is a short film, I became associated with it as I live at the location where it was shot and I volunteered when I heard about the project. I just hoped to help out to keep busy and learn something but ended up with an “Associate Producer” title that I think will get me in IMDB.

The director, for reasons I won’t go into, is at the beginning on a very solid career path, and it is going to be his game to lose as they say. I really want to do this again. And again. The thrill of making something out of nothing every minute of everyday with so many people relying on me, overcoming the option of spectacular and public failure is beyond intoxicating.

I wish you could all be there for the premiere, but more than that I hope we get to make the full length version of this movie and everyone everywhere gets to see it. I really want to work with this creative team of movie makers again, and others as well.

BTW, if anyone here is local enough to have noticed the PR for this opening, the showing is on us as a thanks to the town for all its help, so come on by tomorrow at 7PM and say hi!

Congrats? There’s really not enough detail to know who you are, where you are, and what the movie is! :slight_smile:

Yes I am just dumping excited feelings here, but I am vague on purpose because I like to use this site as a place to explore some out there ideas that might not go over too well if they are associated with me professionally. Were I allowed to, I would have posted full details here under a sock account, but, well, you know…

ETA I will add that VA is too far away to make it tomorrow by about 3000 miles …

Congratulations! That must be wonderfuly exciting.

You can pretty much do that yourself. If the film is already listed, you can add information (including your credit). Congrats!

Could you tell us a bit about the movie? I know you don’t want to give up anomyniyt but as you don’t list your location I doubt most will know that a movie about “that” topic is playing in their local theater.

Congratulaions BTW!

Congratulations, not_alice!

I hope it’s a big success and that you find more such projects in the future.

I am involved in short films too (and occasionally other creative endeavours in a similar field) and it is very exciting when it all works and the final product is revealed at last! Long may it be so for you.

Good luck!

On a side note, my own first short film has been beset with problems all this year (2009 sucks, by the way) and the way things are going it may never get made. I am currently in a sulk.