I am SO proud of myself!

I finally saw “The Sixth Sense” last night. My friends told me I’d be surprised at the ending and wanted to tell it to me. I told them not to. My date and I figured it out before it ended! (ok, so it’s not much to brag about. I don’t get to brag much. Shoot me) And no, I didn’t read anything about it beforehand. If I read anything about it and it said “Spoiler” I left it alone. (patting self on back)

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I figured it out too. My wife took me to see it, and half way through the movie I predecicted the ‘twist’. She had already seen it, and it really killed her.


I saw it opening day and before I had heard anything about the movie other than the few ads on TV.

I had no idea there was supposed to be a twist at the end, so I really wasn’t expecting it or trying to figure anything out. I have to say, the jolt it gave me was the best part of the movie and I feel a little bit sorry for those who didn’t get to enjoy that experience.

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Diane - me too. I went on opening day. I like to do that so I will be surprised and not swayed by any hype, positive or negative. I still say, that if you KNEW there was a twist at the end, you’re going to LOOK for it through the whole movie.

The exact same thing happened with people who saw “Usual Suspects” way after all the buzz about the ending. Sure, if you’re expecting the unexpected, you’ll figure it out. I prefer not to know going in. That was a kick-ass movie, by the way.

Waitaminute. Which was a kick ass movie, The Usual Suspects or The Sixth Sense? I saw them both and they were both kick ass movies in my mind. I also went to the Sixth Sense opening day, and yeah without the twist in the end it wouldn’t have been as good. Of course it still pales in comparison to The Matrix.

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Someone told me how Sixth Sense ended, as I mentioned in the American Beauty thread… GRR.

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Sixth Sense got me. I’ll admit it. I felt the same little chill Diane did at the “twist”.

Now go see Fight Club.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Go see “Train de vie” (“Train a life”). Also a small surprise at the end. (Have I said too much?)

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