Things are looking up! YAY!!!

This is mundane and pointless. I am happy and just felt the need to share!

After seven months of shit, my life is starting to look like it’s on the upswing.

Today, I had a job interview with a multinational company. I have a feeling they might want me to work for them! Yay to the end of a 7-month unemployment streak!

I received an email this afternoon from Charles Sturt University advising me that I have been assessed as eligible for their Masters in Networking and Systems Administration degree - should be receiving an offer next week!

I met a girl two weeks ago who is really floating my boat on all sorts of levels!

I’ve been looking for a housemate and it looks like there are a few people interested. I might soon have someone helping me with the rent!

And and and and and!!! My friend Phraser is taking me to see Matrix Reloaded tonight!
Folks it doesn’t get much better than this!!!
happy dance

Max :smiley:

Congrats Max, I’m crossing my fingers for you in relation to the job interview.

It’s always good when the cosmic forces come together and decide that you should a good life for once.

by the way you’ll absolutely love the new matrix, though you’ll probably have to watch it a few times. I’m 4 and counting. hehe.

I hope everything just gets better and better for you .

Yay! I’m pleased to hear it! I’ll cross my fingers for the job working out and the new relationship working out too :).

I need to watch the original Matrix – it came out when I was having babies and I kinda missed it.

Yay Maxxie !

I’m happy you’re life is coming together well. From one CSU student to another, congrats and [broad aussie accent] GOOD ON YA ![/broad aussie accent]


Reading that, I have a big and dorky grin on my face. Congratulations, Max!

And my friends are taking me to see the Matrix Reloaded tomorrow! Ooh, yay!



Max :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Heh, I stumbled across this thread just now smiles
I’m really glad all that stuff happened and you’re still really happy an’ all.

You rock.

Amazingly great news, Maxxxie!

Enjoy your life right now - sounds like you have plenty of reason to!

The old pendulum keeps on swingin’…good luck with the new gig!

Aww that’s so sweet, it’s months since I started this thread and people are still sending me good wishes :smiley:

The job is working out great, and so’s the girl. The Matrix Reloaded was a bit of a let-down, but hey, two out of three aint bad!
Max :slight_smile:

Let’s hope Matrix Revoloutions is better, then!

:wink: phraser

Yeah, it’s not looking good for Matrix Revolutions but yay the really important stuff is kicking over.