6th Sense is on TV tonight...

And I plan to watch it.

I’ve seen it before and thought it was great and even though I know the ending I think I’ll like it this time too.

I find this odd, but I actually really really like Bruce Willis.

I dug that movie…it’s just one of those that I can’t watch more than once. For me, once I know the twist…the movie is over.

Speaking of Bruce Willis, have you seen Bandits yet? Very cool flick.

I find this odd: the show OZ (on HBO) is so disturbing to me on so many levels, and yet I watch it religiously because I really really like Dean Winters (who plays Ryan O’Reilly). Yes, basically I’m attracted to a psychopath, and I horrify myself regularly in order to foster my attraction.

Back on topic: I’ve seen the movie about ten times, and would gladly watch it again, but I can’t stand watching movies with commercial breaks. I’d rather just rent it from Blockbuster.

Bandits is wonderful; the scene with Cate Blanchett making dinner to the strains of Bonnie Tyler is fabulous.

I saw Bandits in the theatre when it first came out - I thought it was great. I’m not usually a Billy-Bob Thornton fan, but he was super in it.

I’ve seen the movie twice, and liked it even more the second time. It’s on my personal Top Ten list. And yeah, Nacho4Sara, I must concur about the TV vs. renting thing. If I watch a movie, I’ll rent it rather than watch it on TV. Unless it’s The Princess Bride, which doesn’t (as far as I know) have any censorable content. It’s actually the censoring I object to more than the commercial breaks. You know, not just the “edited for content” labels, but the “edited for time” ones, too. Ever watched The Breakfast Club on TV? Or Dazed and Confused? Here’s a tip: don’t bother.

And (to continue the semi-hijack) I was kind of planning on watching Bandits, but now that I’ve been re-reminded that it has Cate Blanchett in it, I’ll definitely be renting it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s her, Meryl Streep, and Jodie Foster. The best actresses of the last 30 years.

Geez, this might actually become a Cafe Society thread!

Bruce Willis is hotter than liquid fuck IMHO. I thought he was kinda cute on Moonlighting but it wasn’t until he started action flicks that I really developed a bad case of the hots for him.

To show you how deep my obsession runs, I even watched The Color of Night about 5 times for the love scenes in general and the swimming pool scene in particular. Plus this film has the added bonus of featuring Scott Bakula --another of my favorites. I wonder what he would look like naked romping in a pool. Hmm…