Questions You've Always Been Wanting To Ask

…But felt much too foolish to.

I know everyone has at least one of these. Common knowledge, that you just never caught on to, and just went with the flow like you knew what you were talking about. Like the other day, I say to my sister,
“Hey, thats a pretty nice Beamer”
She replies,
“Yeah, thats cool”

Then about five minutes later she goes to me,
“Umm, whats a Beamer?”

“Its a BMW, Beth.”

“Oh yeah, I kinda thought that, but didnt wanna ask”

To get the ball rolling, I’ll ask you guys

This has been bothering me for a looooooong time. My friends, all assuming I’d seen the movie were like,
“Hey, wasnt the ending to that awesome?”

And I would just reply

“Yeah! That was sweet!”

While in reality, I had no idea what I was talking about…
Such is life I suppose, just, please, someone explain this “great ending” to me, and then ask your own foolish question. We wont laugh[sub]…too much.[/sub]

Alright, I’ll bite. If anyone hasn’t seen Sixth Sense and still wants to, don’t read this.

Still there? The main character in the movie (Bruce Willis) gets shot at the begining of the movie. The movie then jumps a year ahead and Bruce is still there. The shot was in the gut and looked survivable. The rest of the movie everyone assumes he’s alive. The big ending is when he finally realizes that he’s been dead for the past year and walking around as a ghost. Its seems pretty obvious the second time through, but I don’t know of anyone who picked it up the first time.

So here goes my big question. A few months ago I got an email that had a movie attachment. It was a video with a bunch of wierd robots singing “All your base are belong to us” with no explanation whatsoever. I really never thought much more about it until repeated uses of it on the SDMB. There never is an explanation to follow, however. Judging by the groans that usually follow it being used, I was afraid to ask. Well here is goes. What the hell does “All your base are belong to us.” mean?

brewha: It was from a badly translated (Japanese to English) game. Wing Commander 2 I think.
ummm where is the beef?

This question has haunted me for years…perhaps someone could enlighten me:

Why the hell do you people keep electing Ted Kennedy to the Senate?

He is a drunken, womanizing socialist with no regard for the good of his country, only staying in power. He has a press conference every other year, apologizing for past indiscretions, and promising not to repeat them. He was a staunch supporter of the most corrupt president in history. Even if he knew the right things to do (which I doubt), he would be too spineless to do them. What gives here?

I will no doubt be trashed by many for saying these thing, but they need to be said.

P.S. I’ve got a bridge, and scuba gear for sale…

Not Wing Commander, but Zero Wing. I was your typical side scroller from the former part of the 90’s.

Err, make that It was. I’m actually a person.

I’m such a huge sports fan and I never want to ask this because I look like such a girl when I do,

But how do you know what’s HOLDING, and what’s just basic DEFENSE? My husband can call holding in a second and I always say where? WHERE? You’re telling me you can touch a guy? That’s what football IS!


OK, jarbabyj, here’s a basic explanation. Imagine that in the scene below, the O’s are the offensive line and the X’s are the defensive line.

                 X X X X X X
                 O O O O O O

The O’s can only try to prevent the X’s from getting past them from the front, and using only their bodies as a whole (that is, they can’t put their arms around their opponent). If one of the O’s wraps his arms around one of the X’s, he’s called for holding. If an X manages to get around an O and the X tries to stop him by wrapping his arms around him, that, too, is holding.

Would somebody please explain fouls in basketball to me? I can’t watch an NBA game simply because I don’t understand fouls :mad:. Kobe has the ball and is moving it down the court. Iverson looks at him the wrong way, Iverson gets called for a foul. ??? Or another situation: Iverson has the ball and is moving it down the court. Iverson runs over Kobe. Kobe gets called for a foul :confused: (WTF? You get called for a foul for getting run over?).

Also, what are the circumstances for determining whether you get one free throw, one & then another if you make the first one, or two free throws?

You get one free throw if you were fouled while shooting and made the shot. In college if the opposing team has committed between seven and nine fouls in the half you get a one and one on what would normally be a non-shooting foul. There is no one and one in the NBA. All other shooting fouls result in two shots, except a foul on a missed three point attempt, which results in three shots.

My wife picked it but didn’t realise it was the “twist”. Walked out complaining that there was supposed to be a twist at the end and nothing happened. It was pretty easy to pick if you knew there was a twist and you’d seen Angel Heart and Jacob’s Ladder.

Re Ted Kennedy: Seems possible that some people keep voting for him out of a desire to somehow maintain a link to Camalot?

They’ve covered the number of shots, but here’s the rest:

It’s pretty easy to get a foul if you mess with someone when he’s shooting the ball or reach in to touch his hands when he’s dribbling, this happens a lot when players try to steal the ball or block a much taller player.

If you get run over on defence, what matters is whether YOU moved or not. If you stand firm in your stance and don’t take a step or jump up to block, they call a charging foul on the guy who knocks you over. If you move or in any way attempt to stop him physically, it tends to be a foul on YOU. Usually the guys are jumping of waving there arms, though.

— G. Raven

BTW, in the “real” basketball rulebook, you can be awarded a single foulshot to determine whether you get the second. I can’t for the life of me remember the rules that cover this though, since I’ve mostly been able to access NBA broadcasts of late.

I’ll get back to you if I have a brainstorm though
— G. Raven

As a counter to the “Why do you Massachusettsites keep electing Kennedy?”, I’ll as the obvious question pertaining to the other wing. Two, actually.

Why do you North Carolinians keep re-electing Jesse Helms? And why do your southern neighbors keep re-electing the mummified Strom Thurmond?

Gawd…if we’re going to talk about partisan assholes…

Warren Harding?

Can someone please explain The Triangle Offense?

It’s at Wendy’s. And Clara Peller is dead. I don’t think she ever found it either. :frowning:

What do these two symbols mean? I have seen both of them on bumper stickers. One is a read rectangle with a white diagonal line, the other is a blue square with a yellow equals sign.

To add a bit to rastahomie’s explanation, jarbabyj-

The easiest way to spot a hold is to look for someone grabbing another player. Most holds go uncalled, but a quick grab of the jersey, whether it’s intentional or not, will get called every time. This is true for both sides, too.

That is, a defensive player, for either the pass or the pass rush, can only defend by blocking and/or shoving the opposition. If they fall down in the process of being pushed, shoved, or punched, fine. If they grab 'em in that process, then it’s flag time.

Again, it usually goes uncalled because it’s hard to see and happens regularily. When it is called, it’s usually.

Oh goodie. I can ask the two questions I’ve always wanted to ask…

a) What the hell is a mojo (Don’t laugh - english is not my first, or second language, so sue me…)

b) What’s the deal with point form lists’ #3 point being “Hi Opal” on the SDMB? I’ve been here a while, and I still don’t know… I guess I’m not nice enough to know the “secret handshake” sob