Questions You've Always Been Wanting To Ask

Oopps. Dropped a line.

It’s usually… flagrant.


Are you talking about football? The flying wedge, by any chance?

Basketball, actually. But if you want to enlighten me as to the peculiarities of the flying wedge, I assure you I won’t mind.

It’s an old in-joke where once, a million years ago, a poster named OpalCat said that lists should not contain only two items. . . at least three. So when people only had two points, they gave a shout out to Opal. And then they continued to do it, even if the list had more than three items. And it’s getting old. Fast.

OK… no better time or place than this thread.

Just curious but why do many gay men really like “divas” or otherwise seemingly identify with diva personalities like Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Bette Midler etc and why do they like musicals with a diva character in the title role so much? Why the specific attraction/interest to this particular art form for gay men? Are they the diva? How does this speak to or resonate for them?

Someone clue me.

Thanks, Girl.

I must be really dense, though, cuz I still don’t know the answer to my first question.

Someone hit me with a clue bat, and fast.


Okay, I don’t get this answer. :slight_smile: I thought that Elenfair meant ‘mojo’ as in ‘mojo risin’’ or ‘they stole my mojo!’ or something, kind of like in Cecil’s column here. So, I give: what does mojo have to do with vB code?

THANK you Steven!

I didn’t know Uncle Cecil wrote a column answering that question! I feel less silly now :smiley:


Ack! I’m a moron–I swore I linked to the column. . . sorry!!!

You are not a moron, not even a little one…

For a moment there, I thought it was me who was off the deep end… :wink: until Steven told me otherwise.

No worries!


astro, that’s just a stereotype. I think you get it from the fact that gays are so common in the New York theater community, and EVERYONE there likes Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, etc. Everyone there also likes classic musicals, which usual have a diva type in the main role.

Also, a lot of the people up there tend to be the stereotypical gay type (lisp, limp wrist, etc.), so when complimenting the full gay stereotype, we have to throw in the musicals/divas part.


ok, this one may be pretty stupid, but…

I was in complete shock when I found out (some time ago) that men don’t wipe after urinating.

so my question is:

why not?!!

I know there are countless jokes about this, and that I am probably setting myself up for some ‘good’ answer…

but really, why not?
my only guess is that it looks ‘gay’ to dab? someone fill me in on this.

I mean, surely there must be some ‘dripage’ (for lack of a better word), or something?!! and it seems pretty unsanitary to not dab (or what ever…)
but there you have it. The question I have always wondered about.


I don’t mean ‘gay’ as a put down. I just know there are a lot of homophobes out there…

Well, we have the capability to…um…shake it dry…

I’m sure that there are men who get fastidious about it and actually do wipe it off every time they urinate, but generally, unless the guy is uncircumcised and the foreskin is enormously long, we’re pretty much in the clear if we shake it dry. Oh, and clean our penis when we shower. Shaking it dry is not an excuse not to take care of whatever does happen to…erm…cling. I find that most potential partners appreciate it, man or woman… :smiley:

the red rectangle with the white diagonal line is a boating signal meaning thatthere is a diver under the water from that boat. It’s used to alert other boats in the area to be aware of the diver, I guess so he doesn’t get swept up in a trawling fishing net or something. Some people who scuba dive as a hobby use this symbol on their bumperstickers.

As for that blue one that you were talking about, though, I dunno.

All right, here’s mine:
I live way out in the middle of nowhere, on a large ranch in Colorado. All of my friends, when they make fun of how far from civilization I am, say thatI live “Way out in B.F.E.”. I am lost, what does B.F.E. mean???

are you?!!

I mean,
say I dipped my hand in something foul…toilet water or what have you. I can shake that off, too.

but man, that’s still pretty gross to be walking around like that!

I wouldn’t want to have to wait a few hours before I could wash off!


[NOTE]I fixed the spelling of “red.”[/NOTE]

The red rectangle with a white diagonal line is the international symbol indicating scuba divers in the vicinity. That is, if you’re out & about on your yacht in the Caribbean and you see a bouy with one of those flags, scuba divers are under the water in the general vicinity.

If you see it on the back of someone’s car, it means they’re a scuba diver.

If you see it on the cover of an album, it means you’ve got one of the bitchinest hard rock albums of all time: Van Halen’s Diver Down.

As for the blue bumper sticker with the yellow “equals” sign- I’ve seen it, too. I don’t know what it means, either.

I think (and if I’m wrong I’ll have my membership in the Great Gay Conspiracy revoked) that the blue square with the yellow equals sign is the logo for the Human Rights Campaign.


Butt Fuck, Egypt. :smiley:
Glad you know now?

Where I come from, also known as “Where Jesus lost his sandals.”

Well, I’ve heard variations on this, but I’d say the most common one I’ve heard is:


Bum-Fuck Egypt