"The Sixth Sense"

So, just saw “The Sixth Sense”.

Boffo! Absolutely fabulous! LOVED the ending! That child was eerie, beautiful, moving…flat out terrific. And it is definitely some of Bruce Willis’ best work.

I really, really appreciated this film. Anyone else?

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I loved it as well.
Not only was the ending great, the story that led up to that ending was stupendous. It hd good dialog, nice twists, some chillers, and characters I liked and cared about. There was a certain trip taken in the story that totally floored me, excellent. Of course, I loved the ending.

I thought the camerawork was excellent, so fluid, effortlessly going through the city. I thought a good job was also done in using city landmarks to set the tone. The old school house, city fountains, the church.

Great Movie, I totally enjoyed it.


I just saw it last night and I’ve got to admit, that last plot twist caught me totally offguard! I had no idea it was coming.

When I got home after the movie, we had a group discussion about the movie. Five of us had seen the movie within this past week. We were talking about how once the final plot twist is revealed, things earlier in the movie fall into place…how there were clues that none of us completely picked up on at the time…

I hesitate to get into specifics…I don;t want to ruin the movie for those that haven’t seen it, so if you haven’t seen this movie…GO SEE IT!

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Went to go see "Blair Witch Project"it was sold out decided on "Sixth Sense: on an impulse. Now im recommending it to everyone I know. As for the plot twists I was totaly off guard, remined me of “Jacobs Ladder”.
Im still stunned!

A well-written horror flick? Who’d a thunk it. I highly recommend seeing SS. Then go back and see it again to really see how good it is! If you’ve seen it you know what I mean. But a couple of niggling details gnaw at me – 1) Photo sparkles were never fully explained/why never noticed before; 2) What happened in the dumbwaiter at the birthday party?; 3) The “Happy anniversary” restaurant scene was filmed in Phily’s “Le Bec Fin” a French restaurant not Italian.

  1. The sparkles were his grandma, of course!

  2. Cole, being locked in a dumbwaiter with a dead person, passed out from fear.

We saw it last night to and I really enjoyed it. I already knew the surprise ending (Mr. Cranky spilled the beans in his review) but still thought it was terrific.

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Saw it, loved it. The best part of going to see this movie is that I went with my sister, who is the biggest pain to go to ANY movie with, because she can sniff out plot twists like a bloodhound, and whispers them to me (The Great Clueless One), but was totally bowled over by the ending - she NEVER saw it coming! I loved leaving the theater and listening to her say, over and over “Now THAT one, I didn’t see coming!”

A-Hem. . .

I hate to say “I told you so.” but didn’t I say, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in my slamming of Blair Witch, didn’t I saaaaaaaaaaaaaay . . . “Save your money on The Blair Witch Project and instead see a truly fantastic movie, The Sixth Sense?”

I think so. :slight_smile:

I am one who can easily figure out ending twists, but this one too caught be completely off-guard. I had heard that the ending was a shocker, so I was trying hard to figure it out. Didn’t even come close.

Aside from the spookiness, I found myself crying a few times. I thought that it was so sad that the little boy had to live in such fear and seemed so lonely, the story-line of the barf-girl, Bruce Willis’ relationship falling apart (wink), and of course the surprise ending.

Great movie!


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Loved it! Recommend it highly. I may have to go see it again – don’t recall the sparkles, and the dumbwaiter at the birthday party? I
thought it was a closet the kids shoved him into, and I don’t recall it actually showing him inside, or a dead body.

I just got back from it about an hour ago, I thought it was fantastic. The twist caught me off guard just like it should have.

And geeze, what a great acting job that kid did! Bruce Willis was good too.

I asked this back on the Blair Witch Project thread but I think everyone was too mad at me and my movie review of that stupid, piece of crap (I just can’t help myself :slight_smile: I’m trying, really I am) to respond.

Did you see this boy on Ally McBeal? Slam if you must, I can take it as well as dish it out, but I love that show. He played the little boy with leukemia who was suing God for making him die. He was pretty impressive in that as well.


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I welled up with tears during the scene toward the end where the boy is in the car with his mother and decides to “communicate” with her and ends up getting into that stuff about her mother…

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I loved this movie as well…but I need some help. An unfortunately timed bathroom break (no more large Cokes for me!) left me confused. When I left, the boy and Bruce had been in the school and he saw the bodies hanging…when I came back, the little girl was throwing up in his tent. Or wait - maybe they were at her family’s house. Anyway, I need to know how it came about that they ended up there.

Now, I really want to see that Ally McBeal that had the kid in it. If anyone notices that its gonna be on in rerun let me know, so I can catch it.

Oh my gosh, Contestant 3, that was the most touching part of the movie, it touched on so many levels. Communication between son and Mother, sense of loss for a grieving child, misunderstanding of gifted child. Wow. I really loved this movie, I think I might see it again.

Boli, I don’t know what you mean. Do you mean how they got to the girl’s house? They took the bus. If you mean, how did he know to go there, the little girl told him to go.
That scene by the house was incredible, they didn’t give away too much information, but you were able to pick up emotions on all fronts. That bit, reminded me a little of a Raymond Carver short story.



I’m e-mailing you the answer as to not spoil the movie for those thast have might yet not watched it…

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It will have to be a rerun of a rerun. It has been on twice already :frowning:

Hopefully with the success of The Sixth Sense, they will play it again, although it re-played the week the movie was released, so I dunno.

I don’t want to sounds like a blubbering baby, but I bawled my eyes out watching this episode, not so much for his character, but because of Ling. I’ll give you a quick over-view if you don’t want to chance that it will be replayed.

WARNING: Ally McBeal stuff most may want to skip.

If you are familiar with this show, you know that Ling is a cold bitch. The little boy got attached to her because she was rude to him. Insulted his bald head as well as other things. He said she made him feel like he wasn’t dying because she wasn’t being phoney sweet to him like everyone else. He also became close to Ally for reasons I won’t go into (you’re welcome).

Anyway. . . .

The two of them were sitting in his room and Ally related a story about her baby sister dying and how she walked outside that day and saw a blimp (we all know that she is quite bizarre). Her mother told her it was a sign from God or God himself or something (I forget) and how it made her feel a lot better.

Ling hears her tell this story.

A bunch of things happen, he wins his case, commercial break, more stuff. . . .

At the end, the boy dies. Ling and Ally are there at the hospital when it happens. Ally begins to cry and Ling coldly fires off to her, “It isn’t like you didn’t know he was going to die.” She then walks out of the hospital but when she gets out of the sight of Ally, she begins to run and starts crying.

Why am I telling you this? Oh well, almost finished, if anyone is still with me here.

Jump to a day or two later. No one knows where Ling is and Ally is out walking. We see Ling hiding hiding behind a corner watching Ally. Ally stops and looks up into the sky. The camera pans and we see what she is looking at - a giant blimp.

The last shot is of Ling smiling and we know she is responsible.


Trust me, the TV version is much better.


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