I quit my job and I end up in the cuckoo's nest!

I don’t see how her ex-employer could come after her. She hasn’t mentioned them by name, and it certainly isn’t easily identifiable.

First of all, HOLY SHIT! VB is quite possibly the biggest bitch I’ve ever heard of. You go get her good! That said, I think LHoD is right.

I would LOVE to read ongoing updates on your war on VB, but you probably have a better chance of winning that war if you don’t tell us anything more until you’re done with the lawsuit.

Sadly, I agree that this is an issue best left un-broadcast. In the same vein, while ranting to close friends (or, perhaps preferably, a diary) is fine, any contact you have with ex-coworkers, associates, officers of the law and the like should leave them with no doubt that your are truly sane and trustworthy. Calm, confident, angry but restrained – all will make you look better in comparison, especially if the ex-boss is as much as a loose cannon as she seems.

I talked to an attorney today, and she informs me not to post anything other than truth and not to talk or communicate with the office (which I haven’t been.). The accountant sent me a frantic email asking for passwords, and I told her I don’t work there anymore and would not be giving out any in ormation.

I have to go to court Wednesday to get a restraining order against hte whole shebang.

I will keep posting factual updates in this thread, and keeping my opinions to myself.

I wouldn’t do that either. Did you specifically mention to the attorney that you have been discussing the matter on a public messageboard?

It may not be the case that you are in a good position to judge what is fact and what is opinion.



Gotta go with the flow on this one, Annie. Why take the chance? You can’t doubt we’re with you, so you don’t need affirmation. Get after it, tear her a new one, and we’ll all celebrate.

Never underestimate the intelligence of evil people, or their lawyers.


Put me in the camp of would-love-to-get-updates-but-think-it-would-be-better-to-keep-it-off-board. But mostly I just wanted to come in here and go :eek:

Okay, see, this is what I’m talking about. This sounds like the sort of thing that an attorney could pick right up on and show that you were highly hostile toward the organization and that (for example) VB’s assumption that the missing $5,000 was in your pocket was warranted, even if incorrect. It creates room for doubt about your character.

More to the point, it creates a huge headache for the accountant. Is the accountant also an asshole, that you’re willing to take out your anger on her? Because don’t think for a moment that this will be VB’s problem: this will be the problem of people still working there, and you’re making their already unhappy lives unhappier.

Be the better person. Who knows, maybe at the trial you’ll get some current employees to be sympathetic witnesses for you.

I don’t know, Left Hand of Dorkness. Depending on the size of the company and her relationships with its other employees, she may be best off just putting a hold on communication completely, for the moment. Who knows, maybe that wreck of a woman will decide Annie and the accountant are in cahoots or something.

May have been a better idea to send the passwords to the accountant via your lawyer.

TG, IANAL, but I would be willing to bet that, technically, those passwords aren’t actually “yours”. Hand them over to your lawyer soonest, let her decide, and get it on the record that its your lawyers call.

I agree with Elucidator. Tell your lawyer about the password request, and follow the advice of your lawyer about what to do about it.

Am I to understand that this outfit has critical data requiring a single person (aggrieved or otherwise) and/or password to get access to it? Whu?

I too would love to hear more details about this case - but on a “60 Minutes” interview. It would get a pretty substantial viewer reaction, I’m sure.

So I hope their lawyer knows as well as yours how much the company doesn’t want that. You’re doing the right thing. Good luck, and please keep us posted when you safely can.

I’ll “agree” with everyone else that until this all shakes out, any info, no matter how factual, needs to stay between you and your lawyer.

And write everything down. This sounds like a fairly decent TV “Movie of the Week” plot.

I wish you untold riches at the expense of VB.

They really should have no reason to ask for her passwords. I work in an IT department in a government agency and have never known any of my users’ passwords unless they specifically asked me to reset their password to something rather than change it themselves. I can reset anyone’s password, but there is no way of knowing what they change it to after that.

If they don’t have administrative rights to their own machines, and she is the only one with the passwords for anything, then they’re idiots. She should check with her lawyer before giving them anything.

I work for [mega health corp] and the only password I can set that can’t be overwritten by an administrator is on my personal folders in M$ Outlook. But even that is a minor inconvinience to break. So put me in the give the asswords to council and let them decide the appropriate course of action.

Man. Good luck with this, Annie-Xmas. I agree with Shodan and Left Hand of Dorkness and all the others advising you to err on the side of caution.

To me, the alarming thing here is not the involuntary commitment – if Annie-Xmas says she went a little crazy, she may have seemed like a danger to herself, which is probably what landed her in the hospital.

No, what scares me is learning that police arrested someone, not just talked to her but actually arrested her, based merely on someone else’s accusation. Who’s running this town, Lucas Buck? Don’t they usually investigate to make sure that there really is a theft, and look for like evidence and stuff? Really disturbing.

I would be extremely concerned about handing over passwords.

Most company passwords also give access to email accounts, on no account allow email passwords to be used by another person.

Many people also save their emails on their designated part of a hard drive provided by the company, again, prviding passowrds might give access to all your personal files.

You might well find that giving up such a right is tantamount to allowong a search without a warrant.

Contact your attorney before doing any of this.

The only way I would personally allow anyone else access to my system account would be with an attorney present and also if necessary, the police.I would also ensure everything I have is backed up in unwritable form in another place.

Access to your personal files might allow someone to plant any material they chose, in fact your account might be used merely to inspect other items in the system which in itself might be taken as proof of wrongdoing.

Yes, I know stuff like this is generally datecoded, however since you are considering going legal, get an attorney and refer everthing back, even seemingly innocent requests.

Do not post more material about this case on this board if you have any sense at all.

I will also add this, if your passwords are overwritten, and your accounts are accessed without your consent, you also need to put this to your attorney.

There is a huge differance between system access and personal file access such as emails.