I quit my job and I end up in the cuckoo's nest!

In a tale of woe that would be rejected if it were fiction, I literally walked out on my crappy job and my horrible Boss one day. She retaliated by calling the cops and reporting that I stole $5K that just “happened” to be lying around the office.

I have no police record and have never been accused of anything in my life.

I was arrested and totally freaked out (my mistake). The Police called my ex-Boss who informed them I was suicidal. From there it was a short ride to a week of involuntary commitment at the local mental hospital.

My Ex-Boss is now known as Vidicative Bitch (VB for short). I will spread this tale of woe all around town, pleased at the looks of :eek:

I have also forwarded several documents to the Real Estate Commission. VB is also gonna look like :eek: in about a week.

Sue her ass into oblivion.


Was this recently?

From June 26 to July 2 I was a guest of the County.

Yes, her ass will be sued into obilivion and back. But I also want her to lose her fucking office, and I have the papers to prove she has committed illegal acts.

I hope you can make her suffer. What a bitch!

Honey, she don’t know for bitchiness now that she’s fucked with me.

I am so going to destroy her in this town.

Holy crap.

Maybe it’s something in the property management water. I quit my job two weeks ago.

They gave me a cake and card on my last day, though, so no story nearly as interesting as yours!

Hang in there. And I hope justice is served soon.

This is intriguing and all, but are you sure it’s wise to comment on this on a public message board if you’re planning on suing? Handing a written record of an incautiously phrased sentiment to the other lawyer might not further your case.

Not a lawyer, etc etc.

I have posted nothing that is not the truth. What is she going to do, sue me for libel.

Let her prove that it is me making these posts at the library.

Good luck with your revenge.

Out of curiousity how was the mental hospital as a sane person?

I wouldn’t know :smiley:

Actually, it was quite an experience. Most of the crazies in there are not crazy, merely people in bad situations. They will not release anyone who has no place to go, so a lot are homeless and unwililng to live with relatives.

I met some really cool people, including an angel who helped me get out (take your meds, stop walking the halls at night, and start eating).

What her lawyer would do is ask you about these posts. Or just about written records in general. Then you either admit it or lie about it. Lying strikes me as unwise.

But as I said, I’m intrigued. I’d personally be more cautious, but I’m not you, so let 'er rip.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll pled “not guilty by reason of mental insanity.”:eek:

One poor person in there couldn’t get out because she couldn’t get anywhere dealing with rent subsidy–people I’ve done business with for decades. I immediately got on the phone with the director and got the situation straighted out in about five minutes.

Friends in high places.

I am fascinated by this - keep us posted with such details as you can. I will vicariously enjoy your delivery of a comeuppance.

I’m fascinated too. It seems clear that your former employer at the very least filed a false police report. From a Google search, that’s a “third-degree crime.” Some of the articles mentioned jail time for this. I don’t know if she’s going to get that, but I would think her real estate license would be in jeopardy.

Annie, if you’re serious about suing, go ahead and talk to an attorney, and tell them that you’re posting updates about the “vindictive boss” on the Internet, and about how you’ve said you’re " going to destroy her in this town." Ask the attorney’s advice on how such posts will affect your chances of winning a lawsuit.

IANAL, but my suspicion is you can vent here, or you can successfully pursue a lawsuit against her, but you can’t do both. Much as I’d love to hear this triumphant tale, this roaring rampage of revenge, I’m thinking you’d be best off telling us the story once the revenge is completed.

Yeah, I have to go with LHOD on this one. The less said the better, which sucks because I’m interested in the outcome and hope for the best for you and that a house falls on this witch as soon as possible. Still? Shut up.

Annie, I wish you a good fight, but don’t shoot yourself in the foot by posting and venting here until everything is settled and wrapped up like a Christmas present.

Your location says New Jersey. According to this site, according to law the psychiatrist should have submitted a certificate within three days of your admission. Do you know if that happened?

You mentioned your marital situations a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea if you are still married to your first ex-husband’s gay lover or not, but did anyone contact your next of kin, if any?

You also say that now that you are taking your medications and have started eating, you are feeling better, which is certainly good news. I would second (or third) the recommendation that posting threats about how you are going to ruin your ex-boss aren’t going to help anything, least of all your ability to be believed in any lawsuit you might want later to pursue. Or even finding another job in real estate.


I don’t post in The Pit, but I had to, this once. Make her your new hobby. Shit like that MUST NOT STAND. Fucking deplorable. I’m truly sorry for what you went through, and that you must now take time out of your life to sue her.

I had a boss that started making things up about me, to get me in trouble with the higher ups. Things like this just show me how right I was to get the hell out.