I quit smoking 15 hours ago! I feel weird. Can't focus. :O

Dealing with the withdrawals and stuff, whatever… I expected that, I know how to deal with it, and it sucks but I haven’t caved yet.

The worst part is, I feel weird and scatter-brained. I’ve read that ciggies can shmush down symptoms of ADD and schizophrenia. So I guess it’s possible that I have ADD and it’s just now showing? Or is it normal to feel this way during cold turkey? The last time I quit was like 4 years ago and I don’t remember feeling this way, but I slept through a lot of the first 3 days. I’m trying to function at work and having difficulty because I cannot focus.

Almost everyone who quits a full-blown nicotine addiction feels ‘off’ when they’re withdrawing. It manifests in different ways… some people feel anxious, others get short-tempered, some start eating a lot. I would say this is within the range of normal.

It’s a bit premature to worry about having ADD! Give it a few weeks.


You’re probably just distracted right now- I wouldn’t worry about it unless it goes on for weeks or something.

Good for you! The real key for me was switching my thinking thanks to Alan Carr’s book. You’re not giving up your best friend and it’s not going to be miserable- it’s wonderful to be a nonsmoker. Seriously, it is. You’re gaining so much more as a nonsmoker than you ever gained (zero) from smoking. You can do this, please keep going!

Sounds normal enough to me. I’ve had the same feeling while quitting. I am off cigarettes for a bit over 4 days now. I’m not too bad today, but you might want to try some fruit juice and stuff as nicotine is a stimulant, so you might need a little something to kick your metabolism into gear. I have also been taking vitamin supplements while quitting which seems to help me.

You just need to stick to your decision to quit and do not be tempted to have “just one” cigarette for any reason. That is how I screwed up after the last time I quit. You can do it.

For some other tips, read the thread I started 4 days back about quitting. Lot’s of people with lot’s of helpful hints!

I quit 19 years ago. I still remember what those first few days were like and how much will power it took.

The first reward I received was at about one week into the process. I noticed how green the grass really was. Colors had become more vivid. It just kept getting better from that point on.


Don’t know about symptoms, but congratulations for quitting! You can do it! Actually, you’ve already done it.

Good job joining the ranks of the nonsmokers rachelellogram! It will be tough, but only for a very little while.

I also really like Carr’s book and would recommend it even though you have already quit. It has some good tips to help keep you from backsliding.

So…That’s two!

Who wants to be lucky number three to quit?

Give yourself the gift of not smoking this holiday season. The gift which will keep on giving!!

So far, I have already save $17.75 in cigarettes after 4 days, 5 hours and 27 minutes. Yay!!! Maybe I can end the week without being broke for a change!!

Thanks for the support!

Yeah Doc it was your thread that inspired me to just quit instead of putting it off any longer. That and the fact that I’m always pretty broke and even my small 10 cig daily habit was costing me 90 bucks a month. :frowning:

It’s going better! I made it through a meeting with my manager without making a fool of myself. Though I did tell him of all the days he could possibly sit with me, this was probably the worst because I was quitting. Then we talked about how cancer runs in his family, so that was a nice way to pass about 10 minutes of nothing :slight_smile:

I do still feel weird. But I am uh, supplementing with caffeinated soda and white chocolate truffles (they were my reward which I bought instead of cigs). I am sure that is at least part of why I am so bouncy.

Hehehe!! Oh, I’ll bet those truffles have you going! Mmm - white chocolate!!

I am really finding that extra vitamins are helping me out. I didn’t take any yesterday and was more “out of it”. So I took some today and I am riding it a bit better. YMMV. I am now wanting a peppermint white chocolate mocha at my favorite caffeinated beverage joint… :smiley:

I read a long time ago somewhere that orange juice flushes the nicotine out of your body faster- not sure what benefit that is, but there you go.

Also, speaking as someone who’s gained ~20 lbs since quitting 2 1/2 years ago, don’t do that.

OJ!! That’s right! Acid flushes nicotine faster. So OJ has citric acid and helps get rid of it.

** Spoilsport! ** :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your decision to quit, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. one of the best calming mechanisms for me was building my confidence that this was the right decision for my life, and that I could do it. Drink as much water as you can tolerate, it will help flush the system, keep you from dehydrating, and will give you something to do. After the first few days, the rest are relative gravy!

Thanks! More support makes me more happy. I feel like the cool new kid in school.

I know I’ll be able to do it since I’ve done it once before. But looking to the future, I do worry a bit that once my financial situation improves, I’ll want to pick it back up again. I’m hopeful that I won’t.

It is not just the money. What gave me the big shock was having my blood pressure come in at 165 over 103!!! I was like Holy Crap!!! That is when I said it is time to stop for real. The money is one point, but the health aspects are even bigger. I never did like how it would make me act – the anxiety of running out of cigarettes, stuff like that. Not right. Just remember, when you think you want to smoke, it is actually the addiction going “come on, let’s do it again, come on baby, FEED ME!”

Stopping by to offer encouragement! Good luck!

I watched my grandmother die from emphysema (smoking related) and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Your body has already started reversing the evils smoking caused. PLEASE keep on track.

A friend of mine said she quit when she decided that she was a lot stronger than some little white cylinders. You might try thinking that when you feel weak. Because you are stronger than those puny little white things. Go! Be a Quitter!

My plan is to go home and get too drunk to drive! So I won’t be tempted to go out and buy more if I get a craving. And then I’ll go to bed early.

Liquor and cigarettes aren’t closely tied for me (like I know they are for a lot of people) because I have never been allowed to smoke inside a bar or inside the house with a drink in my hand. And, I have no cigarettes around to smoke anyway! I’d have to drive to pick some up, and I would never drive drunk. So, I think this will work.

I’m in! What are you drinking, I’ll drink with you. (Purely for encouragement mind you, not because I want to get drunk too…)