I quit smoking today. [Droopy Dog]I'm so happy[/droopy]

I’ve had a real shitty couple of days, so I’ve decided that I might as well gain something from the experience. Therefore, I’m done smoking.

Honestly, it’s not such a big deal. I’m 24, started smoking at 22, and smoked 3-4 cigarettes a day. I miss the oral part of having something in my mouth and the visceral thrill from blowing the smoke, but I’m not really going through any cravings. I guess I’m lucky, because my willpower certainly isn’t strong enough to fight off what most people go through when they quit smoking.

Well, half humble is twice proud. I should be cheering myself on. Go me! Huzzah.

Yay! Good for you. My one-year date is coming up (Halloween). :cool:

Congratulations. Good luck!

It’s a much, much better way than my dad chose.

He smoked for 30 years. Then, he had a trans-ischemic attack - a series of small clots that partially blocked blood flow to parts of his brain.

He had to have his carotid artery scraped out, and he spent six weeks in the hospital. The TIAs damaged his ability to modulate his voice, and he couldn’t play chess anymore.

But he did quit smoking.

Good on you for taking the smart way.

Congratulations Auto! Just be sure you’re doing it for yourself, and not just to expand the dating pool. :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

Dabbler! You barely smoked! No, I’m kidding, good for you. Any is too many.

I started “experimenting” with cigarettes when I was about 10. Hooked by ~14, wanted to quit by the time I was 17 or so, didn’t get around to it until I was 25. I’m happier and in better shape than I ever have been, just wish I wouldn’t have wasted all that money and good health on cigarettes. If there’s anything good to come out of it, it’s that I’ll do everything I can to raise my kids not to smoke. My parents didn’t really care (which is weird because they’re not smokers.)

Both is OK right? :smiley:

Hey, good for you! Keep it up! Onnistut kyllä! Vous pouvez le faire! Et cetera!

Seriously, man, that’s great. I wish my dear brother had your resolve.

Golly, no kidding! 'cause you wouldn’t want to accidentally hook up with the nonsmoking love of your life and then get hooked again and then have them cajole you into a hike up a 14,000+ ft. mountain only to have you pass out from a hack attack and then have to be carried down or at least stashed behind a convenient pile of boulders! Because that would be awkward.


Auto, whatever motivates you my friend.

Inigo, I have no response to that.