I read you can't post in the pit on your first post or you will be banned immediately

Two questions:

  1. Why not warn people when they sign up.

  2. When can you start? Is it based on # of days, or # of posts?

Thanks for the info.

Another new guy problem. That’s three for three.
I am out of here. I won’t miss this sorry board.

  1. Because it’s so much more fun to watch them find out the hard way. The rest of us just adore hearing their shrieks of anguished protest as Alphagene torments them with electric cattle prods on their nether regions, and as Lynn and her cousin Vinny then batter them senseless with sawn-off pool cues and Straight Dope coffee mugs.

  2. The number of posts required before you can post in the Pit is variable, and is based on the number of chocolate bonbons TubaDiva has consumed within the past 24 hours, multiplied by the dewpoint in Chicago. You just have to guess! Doesn’t that sound exciting? Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board!

LMAO!! :wink:

Funny, there is also this post http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=28104 in the pit.

Well, there you go. I’m banned. B-A-N-N-E-D? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not banned, I’m in a band. My mistake ::shuffles out of room, head hung::

Blanchard : Where did you read this?

Other things that will get you immediatly banned.

  1. Posting while naked.
  2. Putting both mustard and mayonnaise on a liverwurst sandwich.
  3. Using a Q-Tip not because your ear needs cleaning, but just because you like the way it feels.
  4. Spelling immediately wrong.

Hope I was helpful.

Also, serious punctuation errors such as not putting “immediately” in quotation marks are cause for immediate banning.

Pink Slinky, you are hereby banned! Slink forth into Utter Darkness, where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, where the worm dieth not, where the fire is not quenched, and where the U.S. Postal Service delivereth not chocolate. Get thee hence, foul and useless excuse for a toy, voted “Most Pointless Invention of the 20th Century” by the entire Straight Dope Message Board! I curse thee, O Roseately Wretched Misuser of Punctuation! Expand and contract thyself right back under the sofa, thou illegitimate offspring of a bedspring!

Believe it, this board won’t miss you either.

Oh my, is our first ever board Urban Legend?

And whatever happened to Nodule B? Gee I miss that guy! sniff :wink:

Uh Oh.

Eutychus55, you’re not posting naked are you? I would hope that at the very least you’re wearing your Disney shorts.

It says something about us when we generate urban legends.

Not sure exactly WHAT it says, but we have certainly arrived.

Before you have to read about it in Snopes, let me say it’s all untrue.

Except for that bit about chocolate and dewpoint. The dewpoint in Chicago is currently . … 42. From the fnord side.

your humble TubaDiva

That was mine. I saw this thread and figgured “Why guess, when you can know by doing?”.

It was instantly closed, so I’d say our Urban Legend has roots in fact, like most others.

And you are…?

ROFLMAO — I went through my postings, forum by forum, come to find out (from what I can tell) my first post was in the Pit. I had suspicions but had to know the truth.

Man I got my butt reamed but appropriately so! Never post your first post in a flame forum…

Here I am eight months later addicted to this place!

So the thinking is not true. If you post in the Pit on your first post you need to be prepared for a serious butt lashing :wink:

You need to have some guts to come out of it alive and prove yourself as a somewhat worthwhile poster.

Ya know, if you don’t have anything good to say, then perhaps you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Please do not do this again.

your humble TubaDiva

Pink Slinky said:


Er…I just have very dirty ears. That’s it–very dirty ears. Really.

<glances at box of Q-Tips by computer, but restrains himself>