Tell us why you will be banned under the new rules

Or why you would been banned or Edsmacked if the nrew rules had been in effect six months ago.

Let’s see…

My pitting of kanicbird might have done it. Certainly my pitting of lissener would have, as I was entirely in the wrong.

I’ve called many, many posters Fools of Tooks. And before getting bored with it, i must have threatened to violently overthrow all legitimate terrestrial governments dozens of times. And of course there’s all the cruel things I’ve written about Cecil Adams in disappearing ink the bathroom walls.

Also gonna be locked.

I say fuck. A lot. I may very well give mods “the impression [ I ] have Tourette’s syndrome.”

I will say “phuque!” and try to argue that it is an obscure Bulgarian term of endearment.

Yeah, most likely. But I’m not complaining, only being a goof. I am very goofy on Tuesdays.

But since I hadn’t realized the new rules include not complaining about the administration hereabouts, I will officially request that this thread be moved to either MSPIMS and required to be a joke thread, or to ATMB and required to be about complaints. Just to be sure.

Apparently Chicagoans can’t handle string language.

This would never have happened in a New York-based board.

Why will I be banned?

Probably because I think that these changes are unnecessary bullshit, and so will probably go somewhere else, telling a certain admin exactly what I think before I go.

This is a signature
This is a name*

I will implicitly criticize board policy in a Pit thread. No wait, that’s you.

Umm…I will tell someone that their intelligence rivals that of the creator of the new pit rules. I will be banned despite the clear ambiguity.

Ahhhhh, I keep forgetting that this is based in Chicago, which is in Illinois, which explains a lot of things…

Pluck yew?

(Yes, I know. Please don’t send me to Snopes, please don’t send me to Snopes…)

Well, I think your mother’s reputation is questionable, and I’ll probably be called to task over that. I’m sure it implies that, were we to meet in person I might sniff disdainfully and mentally impugn her.

I went off the deep end once and said to Harborwolf, “Oh fuck you, you pompous asshole” which I should have apologized for before now. Sorry … didn’t really mean it, I was just all het-up.

But here’s the thing. I was pissed off at him. Reading back on it now, I think it was more from a misunderstanding than a true argument, and I honestly took a step back and thought to myself, “wow, that was pretty uncalled for … eh, water under the bridge.”

But I’m pretty sure **Harborwolf **doesn’t hate me because of it – or maybe he does. But it was, as far as I’m concerned, a healthy vent. No different that what I’d say to my best friend face to face if we had been having the same argument.

There will be suicide-FUCK YOU-bannings … I can feel them coming.


Sorry, Counselor,your report of your reportage was unclear. Please repeat the report, or rather repost it, in such a fashion that we can understand what, exactly was reported–i.e., the entire thread, merely the OP, or just one of the retorts.

Because Ed’s continuing pussification of the FUCKING Pit is capricious, stupid, and fucking ridiculous.

For trying to figure out how to make a witty insult that includes the SDMB, the Chicago Reader and the hookers that advertise in the reader.


I’m likely to be banned for aggravated egregious punning.

Or trolling, if I ever speak of my private life again.

Because the OP doesn’t so much link to the new rules, let alone summarize them, however briefly, but merely assumes that any damn fool knows them. I don’t, so I may very well run afoul of them. No thanks to you, you blithe, smug twit of an OP.

No, no, that’s why SKALD will be banned. You are not he. I know this, because I am he, and you are not I. I checked just to be sure.