I *really* shouldn't have laughed at this, but...

It’s been over an hour and I’m still laughing.

Caution: Animal Lovers may find the video disturbing, however the deer did survive and appeared relatively unharmed. Spoilering the link just in case:

I’m not gonna click on it because it’s an animal. If it were a human I’d be all over it.

I’m weird that way.

That’s not really funny, just sad. And I don’t even really care about animals AND laugh at horrific stuff all the time.


No click from me. Animal.

That was the worst dubbing job I’ve ever heard.

Not funny, just stupid.

That’s a lucky deer. Sure she’s terrified, but seems ok. Certainly better-off than if she’d hit the bus about 13" lower. Dub job was kinda stupid, though.

In case you don’t want to click:
Deer jumps in front of the bus but busts through the windshield and into the (passenger-less) passenger compartment. The bus-driver slows, pulls over and opens all the doors to help her out, but her confusion has her panicing. The seemingly endless *flailing *is hard to watch but as she cools down I started to feel some relief for the critter. I was happy to see her bounding off into the ? park.

Yeah after the initial stunned flailing she calms down and leaves the bus seemingly OK.

Interesting video, terrible fake sound.

I’ve seen the original on “Caught on Camera”.

It’s not always funny. In Michigan, there are 50,000 car/deer accidents a year, which is 136 a day, or two per day in each county in Michigan. Some counties, a dozen or more every day in certain seasons.

A Michigan deputy sheriff told me that the most sickeningly awful accidents he has ever investigated are the ones where a deer comes through the windshield, and cuts the passengers to pieces with their sharp hooves, in a panic to escape.

How heartbreaking … I can’t stop crying now … what kind of horrible person would post that to YouTube … I don’t think that deer’s okay … something like this would break anybody’s mind …

Deer’s fine according to MSNBC.

Well, I laughed; that was great
If she had been hurt, no, but she wasn’t so - thumbs up!

…what, you people can laugh at people in crazy situations but not animals?