I really want a honda Cub user manual.

I recently bought a 1964 Honda Cub model C100 with the 50cc engine, but the guy didn’t have the user manual. That’s understandable. I have the shop manual but I’ve had no luck finding user one. I’ve googled every variation I can think of. All I found was a bunch of general manual sites, motorcycle and others. I’ve also checked on the Honda Cub discussion board, also no luck.
Any leads where I might find one? It does have to be in english.

Cut and paste this into Google. I think I see them available on Ebay but they aren’t cheap.

buy “honda cub 50-65-90” +owners

That worked. There’s one, and you’re right, it’s expensive. I’m not sure the guy really wants to sell it judging from the restrictions. Good luck to him, though. :slight_smile:

Classic bike. I always wanted one of those. Gazillions of them were made; weren’t there? You still see them in Mexico.

Yeah, I lusted after them when I was a kid, but we were too poor.
I love the thing. I don’t really need the manual but I’d like to complete it. I do have the shop manual.
Check this out! :stuck_out_tongue: