I received a real DVD from Russia!

First of all, getting packages from Russia is always kind of cool, mainly for the entertainment value of something wrapped in roughly-processed brown paper, bound with manilla string.

Secondly, I think anyone who has ever ordered a DVD from Russia has found it to be pirated. Today, I received Дверной Дозор (very cool movie, btw). And to my surprise, I found it to be a legitimate copy! Printed on a stamped DVD, not a recordable, the label obviously NOT done on a home laser or inkjet printer, complete with a hologram on the case. The true test, however, is that the video is not rampant with compression artifacts.

How about that!

On a quasi-ralated note: Does anyone know where I can find a ГОРСВЕТ jacket like the one Anton wears in the films?

I’m a big fan of world cinema but, outside of Eisenstein and Tarkovsky, I’ve seen very few Russian movies. Maybe I’ll take a chance on some more, especially if there’s reliable and legit vendors out there.

Also, is there any chance I could get a transliteration of the title? The IMDB chokes on cyrillic.

I believe it should actually be “Дневной дозор” (Day Watch), which transliterates to “Dnevnoi dozor”. It’s the sequel to “Ночной дозор” (Night Watch). You’ll probably have better luck searching for the English translated titles than the Russian.

Yes. :smack: Somehow I manage to screw that up every single time I refer to the movie.

Da, komrade?

Ve makes ze moooovie. Ve sends it to you.
You happy vith our moooovie?



Hey! Where’s my ГОРСВЕТ jacket?
Plus, now I think I need one of their pimped out utility trucks with the CD-Rs for decoration and whatever propulsion system lets them go 200kph down city streets.

Um. Komrade…your…um squints “rocket” jacket eez not for giving as you say…a “geeft”?

Ve haff our vehicles propelled by a vodka-based mix-ture.
Be jealous. Be very jealous.


Can I just point out that most bootleg CDs are NOT burned on CD/DVD-Rs, but stamped? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a burned disc for sale outside of N America. In most countries with lax copyright enforcement, one can safely and openly use a CD press instead of having to use an inefficient burner.

One of the absolute prides of my musical theatre CD collection is a real Russian issued “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

I still have the brown paper and string used to mail it to me.

Is that the one where they removed all the religious references? Someone mentioned that a few weeks ago on the Dope.

No, that was an earlier LP (I have a CDR of that one). This is the offical 1992 release, complete with all the songs.

I once purchased a season of Buffy on Ebay, from a Chinese vendor. It was shady (a region 1 “full legit!!1”, English-language DVD coming from China?) and about a day after my order shipped they got shut down by Ebay. I was living at school then, and when I got the little slip in my mailbox saying I had a package, whoever in the mail room added a note: “Package is from CHINA! Cool stamps!”

High-quality DVDs, too.

I love the funny looks postal people give me when I get those packages. They must feel like the Western Union guy in Back to the Future, with the hundred year old telegram.

Many have mentioned the oddity of getting packages with brown paper and string. When I was living in Europe, post offices wouldn’t take packages unless they were in brown paper and tied with string…scotch tape, or any tape for that matter, was considered a no-no, and even if you used it, you still had to tie that stupid string around the box.

I think the theory was that if they needed to inspect the package, they could untie the string, open the package for inspection, and then re-pack it with no damage. Hard to do with packages using 3 feet of plastic tape slapped all over it.

I fail to understand how doing that is faster or easier than taking a box-cutter to the tape on a box and then retaping it with one of those roller-type tape applicators.

You failed to take into account the effort needed to shift inertia. :smiley:

Have you ever tried to use logic when talking to a federal employee, no matter what country?

I just bought the stupid brown wrapping paper and tied the packages with the damned string.

Re-tying string is free.

I burning your sting.