I rented the kind of car I usually disapprove

What can I say, I was getting out of town and wanted some wheels. We picked the Chevy Traverse because it was bigger than the Subaru. The thing accelerated like crazy, even fully laden with all our shit!

The weather stormed all the way down, so by the time we got there the Indians were spun out on the mud and stuck in the ditch. Then again they didn’t have AWD with traction control. We stopped to try and help as best we could, which was minimal, but at least we saw them safely towed out. I couldn’t believe we actually saw an Escalade on the same mud road, and they just drove on past…

This doesn’t mean I am any less interested in electric cars. I think they would be best applied in cities first, and applied later to things like SUVs if workable. Some kinds of heavy-duty vehicles may always be gasoline-powered, and get something like the 18 mpg I saw from the Traverse. I only mention this because of my impression that certain right wing broadcasting agents portray lefties as utterly anti-gasoline and out to appropriate then crush your gas-powered car. Plus this is MPSIMS.

Didn’t GM start applying hybrid and idle-stop systems to SUVs because there was so much more low-hanging fruit, so to speak, to pick when increasing efficiency?

Indians? :confused:

I meant Native Americans.

Dunno. You (or someone else) would have to tell me.

Diesel would be more likely for heavy vehicles. But I personally think fossil fueled engines will disappear altogether eventually.

I thought you meant the baseball team’s bus. :slight_smile:

I have to chuckle a bit at the fact that Native Americans might be expected to have better traction control. Because they live in harmony with the land? :wink:

I’m gearing up for a 10-day roadtrip out to the desert, and I’m renting a full-sized SUV. My Mazda3 is great on pavement, but it isn’t cut out for driving on sandy/washboarded dirt roads. Plus, with the SUV I can sleep in the back and not have to hassle with setting up a tent.

Depends on the timeline. 100 years? Gas powered cars will probably be more common than model T’s are now. 50 years? I bet oil will still be a player.

Sort of. They would know where the heck they were for starters. They were locals. But they were driving a 2-wheel drive Chevy pickup.

A friend requested a economy rental, and ended up with a Hummer H3 because that was what was available.

If you ever get a chance, rent a suburban. Room for 7 comfortable and all YOUR CRAP and I mean CRAP and you can haul a trailer behind as well and drive fast. It’s a luxury tank.

I loves me my suburban.

Ride in a diesel truck like an F-250 with a programmer box. They can outrun most sports cars, haul whatever you want, run over anything you want, and still get good mileage.