I return to SMDB after a four year sabbatical

Hello to all my invisible friends on the internet who have been keeping the SDMB going while I wasn’t.

Fondly remembering the valuable education and laughs you have given me, I went for a digital stroll through my old bookmarks. My last visit was in March 2007, around when I lost my computer job and went back to farming full time. I half expected to find a dead URL, or a moribund husk kept alive by losers who won’t let go of their umpteen-page philosophy argument. Instead, the board looks as good and lively as it ever did.

Thank you great acolytes of Cecil!

I don’t know if we’ve ever interacted, but I did want to say welcome back. Hopefully you’ll stick around this time.

…yeah. None of that around here. On an unrelated topic, maybe you should not visit Great Debates. Anyway, welcome back!

You’ve grown since we saw you last. Welcome back.