I rewatched The Cosby Show and made this clip collection

Cosby show moments that are less cozy in light of the rape allegations

What do you think?

That first one’s pretty creepy even without the rape allegations. :eek: Cliff Huxtable was a strange, strange man.

not to mention his album about playing Buck Buck

Ick. I could only watch 55 seconds of it. But then I never liked that show.

I only liked Bill Cosby in I Spy.

I feel dirty.

“Regular people.”


Moving to CS.

I think the show was sort of cozy for the most part. It wasn’t funny to me though.

At first I thought you were stretching, until we got to 0:48. And then 1:29 and then 1:55 to the end.

I don’t know how Mrs Huckstable was able to do some of those scenes without cringing :frowning: