Did anyone really like The Cosby Show?

I just watched an episode of The Cosby Show. Bill Cosby as a comedian, I like. But this show? Was it ever funny? Did anyone really like it? It seems like the Seinfeld of the 1980s. Everyone watches it because everyone watches it, but no one enjoys it.

I liked it. I was very young when it was on but I remember find it quite amusing and then watching the reruns when I was in college I thought the show stood the test of time (not the fashions on the show though, those were horrid) and still managed to be interesting and entertaining.

I liked it. Not every episode, but it was consistently better than most sitcoms, IMO.

Some of the later episodes were pretty tedious, but I still catch the reruns of earlier seasons and find them amusing.

“My name’s not Bud” still cracks me up, but I find I can’t watch the show anymore. Cosby’s mugging is painfully tiresome, the stunt casting of Raven Simone (because Cos needed a little kid to baby-talk to and Keisha got too old) was too obvious and there’s a sour irony in the oldest daughter naming her twins “Nelson and Winnie”. Leave it in the eighties where it belongs, with fond memories mostly intact.

The first season or two were quite good, but it slowly got worse as time went on.

Huh? Everyone watched Seinfeld because it was freakin hilarious, i certainly enjoyed it plenty and watch it everytime its on.

Yes, it was watched and enjoyed in its first run. In its earliest years, people used to talk about particularly good episodes the next day in the offices where I worked. It was seldom hysterically funny, but it was usually amusing and occasionally quite clever.

Being a latter-day Cosby vehicle (as opposed to his early stand-up career) it could occasionally get too preachy, and some of it hasn’t aged well. All in all, in its time it was a genuinely popular, more-intelligent-than-many, family-friendly comedy.

You actually like Seinfeld? Wow. You seriously thought that show was funny?

Give me a break. Finding someone who likes Seinfeld is about as difficult as falling out of a boat and hitting water. It was an excellent TV program, and those who think otherwise are in the minority.

Not that there is anything wrong with not liking the show, but the feigned surprise at finding someone who does it a bit silly. Same for The Cosby Show. It was an enormously popular television show. Of course there are people who like it.

No. Not at all.

It may seem a bit stale now, but that’s mainly because the culture has absorbed it’s attitudes and memes and done them to death. At the time it was new it had some wonderfully absurd themes and the actors were pitch perfect for their roles.

Remember there was a time when when a huge number of people thought Steve Martin was absolutely hilarious. because his material was new and different. You listen to his bits on XM comedy these days and it just seems creaky. Same for Cheech and Chong.

Comedy typically does not age well.

It was "enjoyable’ as mainstream entertainment and different in that it did not portray children as sages and parents as backward buffoons. It was good in the beginning but as the smug and preachy factor accelerated into the stratosphere it became less so.

Yes, i did. Its the second funniest show on television ever, right behind Arrested Development. You’ll find people who still find it funny outnumber those who don’t by a VERY large margin. In fact this is the first time i hear someone doesn’t like it.

My feelings exactly. In fact, that’s why I came to dislike MAS*H - waaaaaaaaay too preachy.

And not to hijack, but I never got into Seinfeld. Or Friends.

I never liked “Friends”, but it was enormously popular. People have different tastes. I don’t see a great mystery here.

Are you going to claim, however, that you don’t know and have never heard of someone who actually liked “Friends”?


I still watch the re-runs when I’m bored at home and there’s nothing else going on. It was one of my Must See shows when I was a kid (wasn’t it on Thursday nights with Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court?). If I know there’s an episode coming on in which Claire Goes Off, I make sure to watch, because that’s some awesome stuff right there.

Oh please, like everyone else has said, Seinfeld was brilliant. The Cosby Show was good too. Most people loved them and still do. I watch at most 1 hour of TV a week and Seinfeld and the Cosby Show are two that would catch my eye. South Park and The Fresh Prince of Belaire are great too.

One of the biggest mysteries of the universe aside from dark matter is why anyone would like would like “Everyone Loves Raymond”. I don’t love him but I don’t hate him either just because he is a non-entity that is easily beat by any high school public access show. That is about the most bland sitcom ever invented but it would be great if it debuted in 1957.

Obviously not; that would be silly. And if somebody told me they really liked “Friends”, I’d say, “I can see its positive elements, but overall, just not my cup of tea.”

I don’t know how old the OP is, but as noted, comedy often doesn’t survive a generational shift. The Marx Brothers are still funny because of how perfectly they embodied certain comic archetypes and created an atmosphere of light-hearted chaos.

Some things are cyclical; I’ve started appreciating “Green Acres” as satire, after decades of thinking it was just moronic.