I saw 2012

If you ever wanted to see 2.5 hours of John Cussack and Amanda Peet being chased by volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquake fissures, this is about as close as you are going to get.

I thought it was quite good for a disaster movie. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

But it’s a bit depressing to think that there are people who seriously think this is really going to happen in 2012.


Since we all know that 2012 is when the stars will next be right so Great Cthulhu can rise from the oceans. That crustal-slippage stuff is fantasy.

It was about what I expected. Sure, none of it will stand up to the slightest bit of scientific scrutiny. But a lot of stuff explodes real good.

My response exactly. Fantastic movie for mindless visual input, but turn brain off at door.

TSUNAMIS over the HIMALAYAS. That’ll never stop being awesome.

LOL, I would never pay to see this movie in the theater. I saw, “The Day After Tomorrow”, in the theater but I think that’s cuz someone else wanted to. I think Twister is probably my favorite disaster movie because it’s not about some kind of apocalyptic event, it’s about a common occurrence.

The Yellowstone Caldera eruption kicked ass as well. Of course it was highly unrealistic in the sense that if you are close enough to see an explosion like that, it’s pretty certain it will be the last thing you see.
I don’t know why they even bothered to try to scientifically explain what was happening with some made-up bullshit about neutrinos melting the Earth’s core. They should have just said “according to these readings, the Earth’s crust is going to go apeshit in 2012.” and be done with it.

That was great. A freaking mountain range explodes, with a giant shock wave that flattens trees for hundreds of miles, and when said shock wave reaches our intrepid heroes, it… slightly ruffles their hair. Excellent.

Yeah, it’s much freakier to say, “The Earth is being destroyed and no one can explain it. Kiss your loved ones, and don’t worry, it’ll be quick and exciting.”

I did like how they managed to find the only Antonov An-225 in the world and only take the six of them. Although granted there probably wasn’t enough time for the rest of the people at the Vegas airport to decide whethere they should stay put and wait for the toxic pyroclastic cloud or go with the people traveling to ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET!

Also, the moral of the story is if you are the new boyfriend traveling with an estranged couple in any sort of disaster, you better hope he’s an abusive psycho. Otherwise you’re fucked.

Whats funny, is that I already know that there is no actual plot to this movie, I can read this thread without fear of spoilers. The plot is: stuff go boom!

Funniest movie - ever.

I laughed through 50% and went wow through the rest… Great Movie.

Judge it like you would a cartoon.

The whole “non-custodial dad has issues with his pouty adolescent son and quirky third-grade daughter so he’s going to win back their affections by being a heroic badass while the world goes to shit” was done already with War of the Worlds.

But I liked it to the end.

In all fairness it was a lot more toned down in 2012. They were barely annoying.

I swear to God, if I had kids like the ones in half the disaster movies and found myself in a similar situation, I would punch them right in the face. I have never hit a child, but I would punch them and be like “I will fucking leave you here to be swallowed by the Earth or killed by aliens or meteors or whatever if you don’t square your shit RIGHT NOW!”

That’s okay. I’ve seen it twice. :slight_smile:

I’m a visual effects kind of guy (Plot? What plot?), and for me this movie was a treat.

oh but this version was so much more enjoyable. plus it had a more likable madman in woody harrelson than WotW’s Tim Robbins.