I saw a really strange movie today (The Wicker Man)

A movie I ordered from UK (Amazon) came in the mailbox today and I’ve just seen it. It was the British cult movie “The Wicker Man” from 1973 which is some sort of mix between horror-thriller-crime and even musical

A truly strange and bizarre movie
Have anyone else seen it?

Never seen it, but from what I’ve heard, it’s considered somewhat of a classic.

So much so that its being remade

I’ve just heard it

fans of the original must hate this

I remember it mostly for the ending. A remake might not be a bad idea – at least they waited awhile. But they’d better not change the ending.

Yeah, I dunno about a remake. Nicholas Cage? Not sure that works for me - the roll seems ripe for the sort of overacting he can be prone to and that might doom the film to campiness.

I’m a big fan of the first, with its slow and studied build-up of an undertone of menace ( despite a complete lack of anything ostensibly scary ) and its rather ambiguous ending ( rather mocking of both faiths ). I believe Christoper Lee once claimed it was his favorite performance ( though he would have said this well pre-Star Wars or LotR ).

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Oh and by the way, I hope you saw the unedited version with the restored opening footage ( for example showing the officer at church and being mocked by his subordinates in his office ). Those few minutes set up his character much more completely.

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A British classic.
And it has the Equaliser himself, Ewar Woowar!
It’s a yearly watch in my household.
And one of my mates loves the soundtrack, especially the maypole song.

Hares don’t drink tea, silly.

It gets shown on UK TV every so often.

I agree it was very unusual. Sometimes when I go to remote country communities, I look at the villagers and wonder…

Yeah, that was one of those great movies I just stumbled across flipping chanels. Looked dull at first but then kept sucking me back in. Wonderfully creepy.

I have seen it and enjoyed it a lot. A strange but fun movie. I saw it almost 20 years ago, so I do not remember it real well at this point but Ed Woodward was great and Britt Ekland {Sp} was extremely sexy in it from what I recall. Another solid, performance by my favorite Hammer Film actor, Christopher Lee.


Ditto. I remember liking it, and I remember the ending of course. Been meaning to see it again for quite a long time.

Loved it! Slow and bizarre, just the way I like it! :wink:

I love this one—I can’t, for the life of me, remember where I first heard of it, though. (It might have been from the cover of one of the soundtrack’s song performed by the Medieval Babes.)

Speaking of which, great soundtrack, too—though a complete, “clean” version of a lot of the tracks would have been better.

It has one of the most deliberately unlikable protagonists I’ve seen in a story, to boot. And he’s a cop. A clean cop. Who’s trying to find a missing girl. Wow.

If you hadn’t already spotted it yourself, the rear view of Britt Ekland dancing provocatively in her skin in the room next to Mr Woodward is an obvious body double.

the DVD contained two versions: the original 84 min version and directors cut running 99min.
I saw directors cut

I love the movie- when IFC showed it last Halloween, I was trying to show it to some church friends. thinking that a judicious use of the remote to edit any offensive material might work…

it soon became obvious that was an effort to abandon, alas!

My main objection to the remake…
Christopher Lee’s Lord Summerisle becomes Ellen Burstyn’s Sister Summerisle! :eek:

But Leelee Sobrieski is in it- in a role I think may be comparable to sings The
Landlord’s Daughter! And that might just make it all worthwhile! Nekkid Leelee? Yay!

If they don’t change the ending, it’ll be the only thing that hadn’t changed. My husband (a neopagan scholar of neopaganey things - that is, he’s both a practicing neopagan and studies and teaches at the college level on neopaganism) had several discussions two weeks ago with one of the technical advisors, herself a Wiccan. Turns out the director has gone all “Satanic witchcraft” and upside down pentacle happy. A far cry from an innocent (?) nature worshiping fertility cult. The ambiguity is apparantly gone, replaced with a clear Good (Christian) and Evil (Witchcraft). :rolleyes:

I hope she’s wrong and it all gets worked out in editing. But I don’t have much hope.

The original is simply HUGE in the neopagan community. I can sort of see why - it’s actually the most realistic portrayal of modern neopaganism I’ve ever seen on screen. But there’s that whole killing thing. People try to rationalize it, saying that the cop was warned away many times, making his sacrifice a willing self-sacrifice, to which I call bullshit. If that was informed consent, I’ll go elsewhere for treatment. Yes, they warned him away. They never warned him he might die. So, philisophically, I don’t like how they portray my people, but it is better than The Craft.

Since the thread title doesn’t mention open spoilers, I’ve placed a spoiler box around the last paragraph in your post, WhyNot; I know the movie is old, but it’s more of a cult favorite than a mainstream success, so the ending will be unknown to many. In addition, since a new version is coming out–whose ending might or might not be the same; I dunno–hopefully this will keep that version from being spoiled, too.

Wonderful movie! Our college neopagan group always wanted to get together with the Campus Crusade for Christ and have a movie night around it.