THE WICKER MAN miscellania

for the past few months, these have been considered-

a remake set in the US with Nicholas Cage
(it’s been mocked by TWM director Robin Hardy)

a Hardy-produced film in the same religious horror genre entitled THE RIDING OF THE LADDIE about a young US C’tian couple (suggested cast Sean Astin & Leann Rimes) who come to evangelize a Scottish community which is pagan & presided over by Christopher Lee & Vanessa Redgrave. It’s NOT supposed to be a sequel to TWM, just similar in tone

one site mentioned in passing a sequel concept (written I think by original writer Anthony Schaffer, now dec’d) in which a burn-disfigured Sgt. Howie survives

Does anyone know anything new about any of these?
What are TWM-fans here feelings about them?

(I fear the idea of a Cage remake but admit I’ll watch it just out of curiosity; I’m excited about RIDING- but I don’t expect any real work on it till LOTR III is released; I’d love to know more about the Sgt Howie lives idea)

Also- how would YOU go about a WICKER MAN project?

(I have an idea based on the Sgt. Howie lives concept- and on his prediction about what would happen IF the crops did not grow the next year.)

Finally, what would have happened IF Howie had shagged Willow (Britt Ekland)? Would the whole plan have been ruined?

Haven’t heard about any of these ideas, but, IMNSHO:

Bad, bad, bad, bad idea to try to make a sequel or remake. Bad. And not naughty bad, either. Not in today’s climate, not when pagans have tried/are trying so hard to get away from that “we sacrifice babies and burn people in ridiculously designed architectural nightmares,” not when Hollywood would completely miss the entire purpose of the movie and tack on a dumbass ending (oh… wait a minute… :wink: ). But no one ever listens to me.

And yes, it would’ve changed everything had Howie shagged Willow. They purposely lured him to the island because he was a pure, fanatical Christian. Shagging Willow would’ve driven him into apoplexy, but also would’ve gotten rid of the “pure” thing.

Why would you want to?

I would leave the original film alone and not remake or sequalize or prequelize it in any way, shape, or form. The reason why it works so well is it’s approach; it’s almost an anti-horror film, free of the usual cliches and “hand falls on the shoulder from behind” type scares. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a horror film…I don’t know what I’d call it. There’s suspense, drama, comedy, musical numbers, and genuine dread all rolled up in one narrative.

The most peculiar and effective aspect of the film is that nothing is hidden (except for the purpose of bringing Howie there). These people don’t even try to act normal in front of him, and as we watch the film, we realize that certain behaviors and rituals that would be revealed to the audience in most movies as a “shock” moment are just flatly laid out in a normal way.

Any remake is going to turn this unique story into a by-the-numbers thriller, complete with a Danny Elfman score, a happy ending, and probably a pop song or two over the closing credits.

As for a sequel…hmmm, Howie lives? That’s the most appalling and stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.

THE RIDING OF THE LADDIE might be interesting though, as long as it takes a fresh angle on the idea and just doesn’t repeat WICKER MAN’s themes.

written by Hardy & Schaffer which has a lot more detail than the movie, greater sympathy with Sgt Howie (as a man genuinely concerned for the downtrodden) and even a potential Christian conversion I’ll summarize…

the community half-wit looks at Sgt Howie as the WM is burning, falls to his knees & yells “Behold the true king!”

Howie replies “Jesus is the True King, go and learn about Him.”

Lord Summerisle meanwhile watches this with an amused & amazed curiosity as to how this conversion will develop.

I think a remake could be good, IF THE RIGHT DIRECTOR WERE CHOSEN. If the film were done independently, and without changing the story, it could be worth it if for nothing else, than to reignite interest in the original.

Here’s a link to some more detailed information. It’s all dated about a year ago. There doesn’t seem to much out there more recent. IMDB lists the riding of the Laddie, but not a remake of the Wicker Man