I saw Nightwatch's posting and thought of this.

As I said, I saw Nightwatch’s posting Link
and I thought I could start a simlilar posting.
As with Nightwatch, I will not say what conditions you must follow. But I am hoping that most of you will draw your own conclusions and start posting according to all conditions laid down in this posting.
Good Luck.
An additional “hint”. Don’t think too hard about this - it is not that tough.
Good Luck (again)

Um… When come back, I BURNING YOUR DOG? :confused:

Really, now.
This is interesting.
I have no earthly idea.
This is interesting. (again)
I am glad thinking is not required.
I have not the gift. :slight_smile:

Hmmmmmm… Okay. Put your thinking caps on folks.

Well I think I’ll bring this wildly popular webfest to a “screeching halt”. LOL

It was my plan to start a thread (see posting#1) whereby the rules were not overtly stated but the way it was phrased would give the clues.
Okay the posting rule for this thread was (or is) post without using the letter “E”.

I guess folks can still add postings to this thread if they want to but where’s the fun now that the secret’s out?

Okay, I’ll stop diverting ALL the attention from Nightwatch’s thread. By all means go there. I believe there are some folks that still don’t know what the secret posting rule is. As for this thread, I’d like to thank all the people (both of you) for participating.

Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

A man did put ink to scroll without using it. A good book did form, but I can not scratch out a paragraph without it.

Man, last night I did try to work this out for far too long. I thought it had to do with capitals (as you said “put your thinking CAPS on”), so I took all A’s and N’s and I’s and company, and put said capitals into many layouts. I had not a solitary good match with any. :slight_smile:

My posting was taking away from your original post. Okay you could say that I was practically copying your original thoughts, making this an outright hijack on my part. Basically, it was causing a distraction. I was foolish to try and start an additional, similar activity. It was too soon - and your original “quiz” is still awaiting a solution. Okay - back to your posting.

Hey! I’m flattered that I gave you the idea. :slight_smile: Once the other post peters out I’d like to see another in the same vein!

Thanks Nightwatch.
I was a bit too anxious to start my own posting. I wish I had put this off until your “quiz” solution was known by all.
If only I had brought up this particular quiz now, and not as soon as I did.

My foot hurts.

Okay Nightwatch. I’ll try to think up a difficult conundrum for all folks to think about and to study. Hmmm…