I Saw Something Cool Today OR Lights, Camera, Action!

Living in L.A., I see a lot of filming done. Today, I saw a crew filming a new Nike commercial. According to two of the crew, the commercial takes place on New Year’s Day and the Y2K bug has bit (stung?) and society is in chaos. People have loaded up their cars and are heading for the hills. There’s a HUGE traffic jam (which I saw) and no one’s getting anywhere except for one guy who’s running out of the city with his Nikes, which are, of course, Y2K compliant. :slight_smile:

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to relive it. Georges Santayana

as are cows. got milk?

(wow. I just posted two nearly identical first responses to two separate threads within the space of two minutes. Snazzy.)

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight