I saw the Mothership in person

in Houston, 1970s (those years all kind of jumble up for me musically)

When and where did you?

Did they probe you?

I was groped, but not probed. I had front row center tickets. My GF really got handsy …

I’ve still never seen P-Funk, and I keep thinking that I really should go see ol’ George while I still can.

Over the years, I have seen George Clinton & P-Funk All-Stars at least a dozen times, here in Salt Lake, San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver (Red Rocks), Seattle, Austin and a few random Western ski-towns (Aspen, Jackson Hole) as well.

The old guy has his issues, but he can still get the asses shakin’ and perfume the air with the smell of burning Moon Cabbage…

Around 2004 or so. In Amsterdam. During the Cannabis Cup.

Can’t say I remember a whole lot about the show, but I’m pretty sure I had a good time.

I saw the All-Stars minus George plus Bootsie at The Wetlands in NYC in the mid-80s. I remember that they were too loud for the intimate space and Gary in diapers.

Lollapalooza – it was either Camden or Philly, and either late '94 or early '95.

“Shit! God damn! Get off your ass and jam!” still runs through my head every couple of days…

Saw p-funk in Urbana, Illinois in 2008. It was awesome.

Shortly, you’ll be able to see the Mothership at the Smithsonian Institution.

I pledge allegiance to the Funk!

For me it was Lollapalooza in the summer of '94 in Dallas. The whole day was amazing.

I thought you meant this mothership, which is pretty cool up close.

This is the replacement. The original was damaged when President Clinton used it to drop da bomb on Iraq during Operation Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication Storm.

Perhaps that’s what happened to it. This Washington Post story says the original Mothership was lost in 1982.

“Lost” or destroyed after being turned into the world’s largest bong?

Was just listening to Motor Booty Affair this morning with the Dudeling. He’s just shy of two, so maybe a bit early to bring him to a live show. Maybe. When he was born the docs let us bring in our own music. Timing-wise, he was born to Flashlight.

Don’t know when my first show was (not the 70s, though). Still catch them two to four times a year as they zigzag through the states and into NY. It’s been a few years since we missed them at BB Kings.

Caught one of the first shows after Gary passed. Pretty moving. Still is, actually :slight_smile:

Anyone know exactly when/why George cut his hair? Keep meaning to look into that. It’s been less than a year, I think.

Current lineup is pretty hot. Kendra and Kim add a lot, as does Sativa and Mary Griffin (they both play just a couple songs generally). Not so keen on the grandson (not sure of his name); a bit weak in the voice and timing, but his lyrics are pretty good. Maybe he’ll grow into it.

The Smithsonian ship is indeed a replica; they lost the original Mothership years ago. Love reading the occasional story about leads and its history. There was just something in the WaPost a year or two ago.

You get as baked as George, you could lose a 1200 lb spaceship too.

I started a thread on that exact subject a year or so ago—To date, it had the fewest replies of ANY thread that I have ever started…

The closest I’ve found is references to some sort of benefit for Obama in New Jersey, but nothing substantiated.