Make my funk the P-funk

Second time with the mothership connection tonight. I am stoked. The first time was in a rinky dink central Illinois bar. I was shocked. I hope this is half the show that was.

I saw them at an old slightly run down art deco style theatre that probably had five hundred seats. They are right when they say the “P-funk party don’t stop”. It was 5 or 6 hours of total and complete energy, I can’t imagine how they do it every night.

Just saw them a few months ago. George is getting old and needs to sit during the show once in awhile, but ain’t nothing slowed down. We were second row and totally blown away. Ran into some of the band at a local bar after the show, so it was a funked up night.

I used to listen to them on WEFUNK back in the 70s. Sadly I’ve never seen them live. Hope you had a great time!

The dreds are gone!

They did maggot brain. This pleases snarky.

A friend of mine saw them about 10 years ago. I don’t think she knew much about them other then what any other random person would know about them. What you would hear on the radio/movies etc. She walked back in with an exhausted (in a good way) look on her face and said “Oh. My. God. It didn’t stop. From the second they got on stage until they finished it was non stop loud funk music…I’m going to bed”

That’s my all time favorite Funkadelic song. 2nd fav is Super Stupid. I’ve seen them do both live. :smiley:

Snarky, for your sake I hope they didn’t see any Doobie Brothers concerts right before your show. I’m sure the concerts would have been cool, but can you imagine “Doobie” in your funk?!

I am sooooooooo jealous of you right now