I search, carefully. (Find this thread?)

I remember, bemusedly, a thread about an author who wrote, adverb-fully. I searched thoroughly, but searches came up emptily.
Anyone have any ideas, brilliantly?

Could the thread have been about J. K. Rowling or Dean Koontz? They love adverbs.

I don’t remember a thread that was specifically about an adverb-loving writer though.

No, it was a thread started by someone who had read a book written by a guy who was a terrible writer. He (or she?) ended just about every line with a comma and an adverb. The thread got a ton of views and replies, so I thought someone else might have remembered it.

Perhaps this thread from last December, he advised cautiously.

She clicked, excitedly! “Not the one,” she says, sadly.

If I’m recalling correctly, the book in question had something to do with a member of the Sex Pistols or a simliar band. The OP was in the vein of “dear Og, look at this writer” and 9823489234 replies with people mocking the writing style.