The "E"-less thread.

Inspired by the resounding success of The Verbless Thread, and with a tip-o-the-hat to the guy who wrote a book without the letter “e,” (Sample sentence: Johnson was a good man, for a politician.) I propose a thread without the letter “e.”

Starting now.

So, ya got anything you want to talk about or add to this?

Huh, whats up with that?


What about that final alpha symbol in your flippin’ alias? Huh? S’plain that to us will ya, Mr. Rastahomi?

I don’t know if it is a sort of thing I could do for months or days, but I think I can start it in this way…

Whoops, I trust that my sig is not a liability :frowning:

I don’t know; it’s not so hard. Look!

(Past this point, it’s…umm…not as un-difficult. Dang!)

And pay no mind to my alias; counts not at all.

What, you think I can’t do this? Watch with what facility I up and flip you a snoot, thus! Hah! This isn’t that tough. Still, it’s not a thing you can do all day long, but having said this much without utilizing that icon, I would say I can do it, for a bit, anyway. I should probably quit now, as I’m running out of inspiration. I will not put my sig to this, as it contains that fifth symbol of our lexicon’s list. That would put this guy in dutch with that individual of the OP. Ta-ta for now!

Oop! - “lxicon" and "th” should not find utilisation in this… thin string. Has anybody actually got a copy of “Gadsby”? How sustaining a story has it got? Is it as tortuous to go through word by word as this post is to put down?

Why would a man or a woman want to follow a story such as that?

That is ludicrous.

I am blissfully ignorant to any satisfactory conclusions.

If you would, fulfill our curiosity by clarifying your obviously crazy position in this plot to dismiss our most popular vocalic indicator.

Thank you for your allowing my say in this situation.

It is so obviously Spring. Silly things, all of ya.

What a stupid thing. I think I’ll contact an administrator and have him put a stop to this right away. It’s just a way to gain a bit of infamy on this board. I will not tap away just to pad this dumb post

Ludicrous? Silly? Dumb? Rascals! All of you! :smiley:

I harbor no compulsion to gain infamy on this board, as I in no way profit by gaining infamy. In fact, I am trying to gain only honor and admiration from my cohorts, as soon I will host a party for said cohorts in my city. In that situation, infamy is bad; from honor and admiration I profit much. And you know what? This is kind of fun!

And, as so graciously said by Lindy; pay no mind to my alias; it counts not at all.

I will not! Damn, I did. Oops. ::shrugs and walks out::

I had word that many participants of this board got “lucky” at such occasions.

I can fully grasp how infamy would hurt your hosting of such a party for said cohorts.

I am still arguing in my mind about what it is you might hold against this singular symbol of our ABC’s. Possibly its popularity and adaptability.

This is not an astoundingly original notion for a string of thoughts I must point out, although I do find joy in continuing it if for nothing but an aspiration to bring frowns and confusion to any man or woman sifting through this winding oration.

Again, my thanks in your allowing my words, and a nod to Mr. Rasta for starting this and helping to turn my day into a bit of fun I hadn’t originally thought would accompany it.

Is anybody in th’ know if it’s ok to ask about slang, abbr’vations and missspullings? Or is that a cop-out?

Also, I submit: Major, or minor musicals without…um.particular alpha symbols occur commonly! To wit:

Guys and Dolls
Music Man
King and I
South Pacific
Man of La Mancha
My Fair Lady

and just kidding, but…
Hi, Dolly!
Violinist on Roof
You A Good Man, Chuck Brown!
How To Win at Industry Without Trying Hard
…But kidding apart, this is odd. This listing could go on and on! Why? Thoughts? Opinions?


Foonris? No. Not Foonris. I won’t allow it!

Fynris! :smiley:


…in aiding…

I sat down at my PC to find Billdo’s alias and password still on my monitor. Billdo didn’t log off!

Now, his alias is good for this thin string. My alias is not.

Is it amoral (or against board policy) for a law-abiding board participant in good standing to knowingly post using a wrong alias?

Am I a sock?

Am I violating his trust?

Am I going to find a “warning” in my inbox?

Am I a bad human?

What do you all think about this difficult quandary?

I say ban this charlatan, who knowingly commits this sordid violation of board policy.

Trust obviously will signify nothing to this ignorant sot.

But alas, who is this typist who hoodwinks us so?

UncleB, work that mod magic and right this wrong!

[sub]Kidding, I am, as usual :slight_smile: [/sub]

But, whilst(is that a word?) browsing yon posts, I look toward taking off my nail polish. It is hard to think on such things with such fascinating topics at hand.

(Do my words pass? Or must I try again?) :wink: