No E

Play off last prior post, in any way, without using any word with E in its orthography. Similar to this post.

Um…okay? Did I do it right?



This can work similar to Trivia Dominos, play off a word in prior post, any topic, just run with it. Stick to actual words, no odd constructions.

I don’t know if I can do this.

Huh. I now know that I can do it.

How is it hard?

It’s not. It’s a thing anybody can do.

Orthographically robust, consonantally profound words impart confounding compounds.

That’s not fair - jtur88’s initial post had an E in it! I take it that didn’t count as a word?

Oops, it looks like this post did that too.

Just hit CTRL-F and it can scan your post for you as a backup plan.

A wondrous thing, CTRL-F.

I concur. It’s a good button to push. Or should I say buttons as it’s actually a combination of two?

If I was boss, ctrl-F for ALL!

But a solo symbol found by ctl-F is so tiny, it won’t jump out at you, if found. So you can miss it.

If you say so. I’m still not buying it 100%.

Buying is just taking your dollars and finding out what you now got is not what you wish you had. Lost funds bring much gloom for your bank account.

If you had a point, I do not know what it was.

I don’t want to fight but think it’s obvious what Biotop was saying.

Thank you. Sorry for any confusion.

Possibly this can assist **astorian ** in clarification of my thoughts:

Not having cash, but owning crap brings much disgust to this individual. You cannot buy your way out of such a quandary. Put savings in your bank not in junk!