No E

Don’t wimp out! I can kick your sorry butt now, tomorrow, in a month… pick a spot and a day!

(You do know this is all a goof, right?)

Oh, it’s so on. I will knock you down, pick you back up, and knock you back down again.

(Mods: I am also joking.)

Alas, I am a coward. I bow out of any fisticuffs.

This book may draw our brains in. I plan to scan my ocular organs upon words found on its’ papyrus. Not at all awkward sounding!

Lipograms, hurray!

I am thinking of losing many grams of fat via lipo. But why is that important?

Not lipo as in sucking fat out with a vacuum (which sounds yucky), but lipo as in writing with unusual constraints (which sounds odd)

Why not try Atkins? Avoid sugar and carbs- that’s all. And soon fat will vanish from your gut.

Thin is in. All fashionistas say so.

Who wants to pop all his pants buttons? Who wants to balloon up to a Ton? Not I, nor should you.

Too rich or too thin? No such thing.

Too bad I can’t stand jogging, biking or any similar activity that might inhibit my girth.

I’m with you. I’m not into all that physical activity. I always say too much straining of any kind is bad for you.

William Banting, 1800s London mortician and coffin constructor, was an innovator who thought up a low-carb food plan, AKA “to bant” or “banting”.

A quick brown fox can jump across lazy dogs if that is its wish.

Not that many (but a non-insignificant amount of folks) champion a low-crab food consumption program to discard surplus fat. Avoiding such outwardly hard animals from briny habitats may bring about a surprisingly thin look and also ward off harm from malicious snapping claws.

I don’t think this btw. This simply an “anti-crab” crowd talking point. I just post about it. I say swallow snow crab (or snoring dog or fast moving fox) if you want. No skin off my back.

Do fun things with vigor (or consort of your option). Go out and gain wisdom. Motion is not its own goal, but a way to obtain goals.

…Huh. That sounds awfully profound. Or awful, right.

Jeezus I’m really terrible at this game.

You suck, man. And you plainly do not grasp what this group is all about.

Our group stands for killing off a virtual monopoly that just 1 solitary symbol holds.

Most probably would not do too good at this. Not only is it a brain strain, but additionally is frustrating and has scant payback.