No E

It’s all about having fun.

Fun is watching kids at a playground run and shout, not knowing your gun has blanks.

Brilliant post. You just shot up in all my opinion polls.

Most opinion polls quantify with accuracy. I saw this in last spring’s publication of Ranch’s Cowhand Journal:

Did you know a majority of cowboys (90%) opt to mount stallions that run in a constant and fast way? (This is according to a 2016 Gallup poll).

Cowboys had an implicit array of laws. Always act civil, always say “howdy” as a salutation, nod to a man on his hoss in opposition to waving, don’t try riding anybody’s hoss without his approval, always aid folks in crisis, and don’t put on anybody’s hat that isn’t your own.

His quick brown fox jumped over my lazy dog.

Your dog is not lazy. It is smart. Why should any puppy worry about a hopping omnivorous bushytail zoological woods rat? Is your poultry in harm’s way? What if this fox was rabid? Trust your dog’s instincts.

Now if it was a jackal doing this jumping I might concur with your pooch criticism. But using “lazy” is not fair if your companion animal’s aggravation is a fox. Not fair at all. Poor Fido.

Fun history fact: King Tut had a group of ragtag dogs to ward off any annoying bounding jackals. Pyramid scholars and mummy fans still talk about King Tut’s curs.

That dog pun was almost a barfing on my part.

All this anguish, just to avoid a glyph.

Why any anguish? Just post on a topic without using this singular non-consonant symbol. You can do it sans pain, Civil Guy.

Oh, okay. I can do it without any doubt at all.

Anguish? Not at all. My ability to avoid that damn symbol surrounds yours truly with a warm, proud glow.

LOL Biotop on “King Tut’s curs” punning, so apt for this string of posts.
Civil Guy, avoid anguish and agony; I applaud what you accomplish in post #51.

Magic in D&D has glyphs, commonly cast by chaplains to guard rooms that contain holy artifacts.

A quick brown fox jumps atop a lazy dog.

Now is an hour for a good man to rush to aid his party
(Is typing still taught with fox and party drills?)

Whoa, man. Trippy.

Jackdaws worship my big sphinx of quartz.

But which party - GOP? I say “no way!” to that.

That’s missing an “L”